Could you live without... the Internet?

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Could you live without the Internet?

  1. Yes.

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  2. No.

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  1. This is something that has always interested me about other people. The way people are interconnected today, it scares me how reliant our society has become upon this invention known as the Internet. When it first started, it was effectively reserved for the university level... and sometimes I wish it had remained that way. Times have changed. Everyone has gotten a computer. People are using their phones to get on the web. If you don't have an email address or you don't use the internet, you're looked at like you're a freak. So much now hinges itself upon you being able to use the Internet that even banks will charge you if you don't have an email address: essentially punishing you for not following social norms.

    While the Internet has spurred a lot of changes for good, it has done quite a bit of bad as well. Since the advent of the smart phone, people are using them to get onto the Internet while driving causing often fatal accidents. (In Texas the death toll is near or over 3,000 people due to texting, web browsing, and general cell phone usage last year alone.) People have become addicted to forums and games sometimes leading to death or displaying signs of chemical addiction as seen in drug addicts or alcoholics. Extremist groups take advantage of the fact that society at large is becoming dependent upon the Internet and launch massive digital attacks at companies of web sites that are often used. These are just but a few of the downsides since the creation of the Internet.

    These things, yes, are not directly the 'fault' of the Internet, but are a direct result of its invention.

    As a test, I dropped my internet usage for a period. I believe it was probably a month or so. (I didn't use my laptop either.) I turned off the Internet on my phone and regulated its use to only text messages and calls. The results were startling. At first it was, I'll admit, a bit of a struggle. But once I got into it, it was rather freeing. I read more books. I socialized more. I was generally happier and less stressed. I didn't turn to Wikipedia or to look up things, I turned to the masses of books we have in our home instead. (Drew collects dictionaries... never knew anyone did that until he came along.)

    I should mention this isn't an assault against the Internet or this forum, etc. This was all spurred by the fact that my Internet connection went down for a few hours and it reminded me of the experiment I ran.

    So I pose that question to you: Can you or could you live without the Internet?

    (A note on the poll. It's binary (two options) for a reason. There is no grey in this: You can or you can't.)
  2. No.

    I can honestly say, if it wasn't for the internet, I would have committed suicide during my not-so-great teen years.

    I was living in an abusive situation, severely depressed. No school, work, or friends to get me out of the house. Crazy severe social anxiety and a host list of other issues. .__.; The internet was my only window to the world. I was able to interact with people both for emotional support, and for learning how TO interact and socialize with people. So when I finally -was- able to move away, get job, etc, I was able to function like a normal (albeit still crazy-nervous) human being.

    Social anxiety is still a problem for me now, because I am a severe introvert. I just naturally cannot be around physical people for too long or it drains me really bad. But at least I know I CAN function around people without freaking out thanks to the practice I got via the internet!
  3. I hear you completely Diana... I've got a lot of social anxiety and stress. Same way with being around people too much too. My bipolar and GAD just add to it. The Internet is a great tool to be able to still interact but allow that distance. It's like a paradox of sorts: so close yet so far away. Text interaction is great in that sense too because it allows that moment of pause that speech tends not to have. (Main reason why I prefer texting or emails over phone calls... I stutter too much.)

    During my teen years, I did have a social group of friends but it was very selective. In the end, I found more friendship and real comradery online via Asheron's Call, Anarchy Online (mainly), World of Warcraft, and Nexus TK than I did in person. I ended up retreating into my room and playing long into the night. My real best friend during those years was actually an astrophysicist from India, haha! Probably one of the most understanding people I have met.
  4. Yeah. I could manage without it...I'd just be bored a lot more. God forbid I have to go out and hang out with the people I know. Hehe.
  5. I know I can live without it because I have done it before. The longest I have gone without internet was about 8 or 9 months, I didn't even have much use of my phone during that time either. At first just like you said it was pretty crappy and I hated it. I missed being able to chat with people whenever I wanted, and just use the internet in general. After maybe a week or two I got used to it and it didn't bother me much after that. I have had other smaller spats where I have gone without internet ranging from a week to about 2 months. Each time the first week or so is the worst, I feel like I am completely bored with nothing at all to do. But slowly you find ways to entertain yourself and then you realize there is a lot of stuff to do without the internet.

    So I can definitely go on without it. But would I want to? No, not really. I think it produces more positives than negatives and it allows me to talk with people I never would have otherwise. In fact if it wasn't for the internet I doubt I would have ever met anyone on Iwaku.
  6. Yeah, I could live without the Internet, but it'd kinda suck. I've meet some of my best friends on the Internet. After high school my best friend got a nanny gig in New York. She'd write me these amazing multi page letters. I struggled with four paragraphs. Granted I didn't get good at writing until, yup you guessed it, I got use to writing more online via RPs.

    Society is slowly becoming more intermixed with the Internet. I doubt in another ten years you could easily separate Internet communication from non-net activities. People are already making wedding webpages and inviting people for parties via FB and there's little difference between IMing and txting anymore.

    Modern society is driving us to the Internet and the Internet is introducing us to more around us.
  7. I know I could do that because I've done it for extended periods!

    I also know that while it COMPLETELY sucks I know how to live without other things like... plumbing! And showers! And solid structure housing! And the comfort that knowing you have a very slim chance of having something pointy hit you in the face at any given time!
  8. I could probably do it now, but there is one big reason that I wouldn't want to do so currently and would not with any other option. There are a lot of awesome people I'd have a far more difficult time contacting without it, including the awesomest of them all.

    However, I chose no, because that's not always been the case. It's a lot of things that I don't tend to discuss in general, but similar to Diana's reasons. I work hard and care about Iwaku partly because Iwaku kind of took care of me before.
  9. No.

    I've tried to do it for a day or so and I just couldn't. The internet keeps my mind occupied, it opens me up to the world and inspiration. It's given me friends (and keep them) when I've moved or changed schools and it allowed me to find my boyfriend. Sure you could say that I'm spoiled for needing internet in my life but so much of real life has become about the internet. Businesses rely on the internet to make profits and most places don't even accept paper applications anymore, they've gone green. I don't think it's a bad thing to make the internet a necessity, but I think it's horrible if you're on the computer 24/7.
  10. Wow! Awesome responses guys! ^_^ It's so interesting to see everyone's view point on this issue...

    Ease of communication seems to be the common thread. I guess the next logical question to ask would be what makes it easy? Is it the fact that it's instant? (You just type out an email and hit send and boom your friend has your letter.) Or is it because of IMing? What makes an IM easier than a phone call? (Ignore possible fees since a fee doesn't necessarily make the action easier or more difficult.) Or is it that large communities are easily found online?

    I think the fact that we're being forced into using the Internet is a bit frustrating. While I agree "going green" is a good thing, there are more important things to do and consider rather than just replacing the paper resume. An excellent example are employers doing credit checks. If you've got shit credit, you're automatically ruled out. Nothing is done in person anymore, your life is ruled by some number or collection of numbers. If you don't pass that simple test, you don't go to the next step -- they don't even bother asking questions or try to see why your score might be so low. To me, that's frustrating. Companies are using the Internet as an excuse to do illogical weed outs and reduce interaction when they're paid to interact. The HR person now just sits in front of a computer screen reading words instead of in front of a person reading body language.
  11. No internet means going out in public to buy porn.

    No thanks.
  12. I could live sure. I mean it'd change a LOT of things but i COULD live.

    Now the true question of the day is would i 'want to' live and the answer is no. I enjoy the level of world wide awarness that is a inherent result of the internet. I also enjoy data at my fingetips as well as... thank you Lfuffy for mentioning it, PORN.

    Joking about the porn.
  13. Was waiting for the porn thing... only took 10/11 posts, lol.
  14. I am not sure. I think I could live without it if I tried, but then, life would be much more boring, not to mention I would not have encountered Iwaku and I could not roleplay. While I could hang out with my friends, study and make some new aquaintances to make up for the ones I have on the internet, there are several things I have the internet to thank for. So yes, I could live without it, but it would probably make my life just a bit more miserable.
  15. Could I live without it? Definitely. I would not die if I did not have the internet.
    Still, I feel like the internet has opened up so many things to me. I love being able to meet new people and try new things, like roleplaying!
    Also, I think I might go crazy if I didn't have internet for things like papers and projects. Going through books is so tedious, and half the time you cannot find what you need!
  16. Everybody who said "Yes" is a liar. But don't worry. You're all in good company.