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  1. So, now that I have your attention... Sup, nerd?

    In this realm of the internet I am mostly known as Bandit, well, there are a few other weird and bizarre nicknames tumbling about too, but that's besides the point. I've been role-playing for almost a year now on another site, but, due to someone I know signing up on here too, I've elected to follow his lead and test the waters on here too.

    And now, for the rambling section of the night.

    In terms of general settings, I'll go for whatever, futuristic, fantasy, modern, and whatever else. That being said though, I am extremely picky when it comes to joining an RP when it comes down to the juicy parts of things, like, seriously, I've gone almost a month without seeing anything that's interested me before. In addition to this curse of mine, there's almost a decent chance I won't join an RP I like the look of if I can't think of a character I know I'll want to write for, just making one that I consider to be 'kind of ok', isn't enough for me to put in an RP I like, I wouldn't dare sully an awesome setting with a character that even I don't like all that much, and there's a decent chance I'll get bored a leave the thing with one anywho.

    That was quite a block of negativity wasn't it?

    Let's try some fun stuff.

    Like many in this day and age, I love video games and anime. My favorites include, XCOM Enemy Unknown, The Souls Series (Demon's is my pick of the lot), Morrowind, and the 3D Fallout Games. In terms of anime there's Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, A Certain Magical Index / A Certain Scientific Railgun, Working!! and Servant X Service. Among these I and ferverantly lusting after an Index Roleplay, wouldn't mind a Fallout one, and would adore a Demon's or Dark Souls one. Outside of these, we have books, which I've been rather slacking on as of late. The only thing I've read recently that isn't some form of foreign comic, is the light novel series Utsuro No Hako To Zero No Maria, and, despite only being two books in, it's rapidly climbing to the stage of my favorite piece of literature, a title currently held by Mortal Engines.

    If you wanna chat about any of the stuff above, or hell, anything at all, just shoot me a PM. Bandai, out.

    EDIT: Holy shit the avatars on this site are huge O_O
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku! c:
    I hope you can find some good roleplays here, whether it be a group or one on one ^^
  3. *throws cough drops* STOP COUGHING. I AM SICK ENOUGH.

    Welcome to Iwaku too. I guess. Whatever nerd. Have your first bucket of rainbows.
  4. Welcome! I hope you have fun here :)
  5. Welcome to Iwaku!

    Don't worry about being picky. There are hundreds of requests and sign-ups to choose from, plus the Jump-Ins. If you still don't see anything you like, just post a request thread yourself! ^^
  6. Welcome! I bet you'll find something you'll enjoy, or START SOMETHING! Whoo! It'll be a blast, I bet.
    Enjoy and feel free to message people as well.

    And just saying: I LOVE the size of the avatars. I can actually SEE THEM.
  7. Welcome to the site!
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