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Couch Finds

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Minibit, Jun 3, 2014.

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  1. What's your favourite thing to find in or under the couch, besides money? I like finding hair pins and elastics; I always think I'm out and then ten more materialize from the couch of generosity!
  2. Pacifiers, lighters, and my son's toys. Also, I'll occasionally find missing knives that Peter allowed the couch to devour. :P
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  3. Portals to various dimensions that the previous homeowners forgot to close.
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  4. My favorite thing to find?? I guess ponytail holders. I would prefer nothing be in the couch though O_O
  5. :P I used to find marbles and BB ammo in my couches, used to think the couch was "growing" stuff like that XD
  6. All I found in my couch back in the day was wrappers and occasionally pennies.
  7. I once had a friend who was such a dirt bag that if you didn't watch him he would shove his dishes into the couch cushions. Yeah.
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  8. I suppose my favorite find was an entire 30 round mag of 5.56. Had no clue on how it got over there from the gun safe but it did freak me out at the time.
  9. Finding the headphones I lost months before :')
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  10. I just found one of my rubber earbud pieces. :o
  11. Hair clips, hair bubble uhmm why else ?;). Oh. Sometimes I find a long last bottle taps lol
  12. library card xD
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  13. Man, that would just make my day. XD I lost mine weeks ago...
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  14. I never really look through my couches, but the last time I did I found my old Pokemon Red and Yellow

    Don't know how they got there because I don't want to buy new ones. They are expensive now @.@
  15. Pencils. I love finding them. Don't ask me why.
  16. I wonder why.. I want to ask you why ?;)

    I also like to find shirt buttons lol different sizes and colours
  17. I have no idea why finding pencils makes me happy. It's not like I use them after I find them, I just squirrel them away.
  18. Things that fall out of my pockets while I sleep; Pens, change, phone, iPod.
  19. I lose mine all the time. At one point I lost it so often that I spent at nearly twenty dollars a month getting new ones.
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  20. Maybe one day you'll turn all that graphite into diamond?
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