Costume Advice Please?

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  1. So this Halloween I've got a nice group of accessories that I don't really know what to do with. I figured, hey, the people of the Iwaku community might have better luck coming up with something. Feel free to reply with your ideas. You don't have to use all the accessories I have (it'll probably be a bit much) they're just there as sort of a base to build off of. Post pictures of the pieces if you can!
    Hopefully with a little brainstorming I'll have a great costume this year!

    Things you may want to take into consideration:
    I am female.
    I live up north so Halloween is cold.
    I'm not rich.

    Here's what I've got:
    Small Deluxe Fangs
    White Monster Horns
    Medium-sized Elf Ears
    White Wig
    Animal Tails in both grey and black

    Thank you!
  2. I suggest you paint the white monster horns. White horns on white hair? Kind of hard to see. Make it another color that will bring out your costume a bit more. Maybe a black, grey, red, or any other color you're wearing.