Cosplay. Yay or Nah?

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Cosplay? What do you think?

  1. It's super fun! I've done it!

  2. I love it! I cosplay all the time!

  3. I don't know.. It seems a little silly..

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  4. Nah. Cosplay is childish

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  5. I've ne we tried it but I'd like to!

  6. I'm indifferent. Where are the comic books?

  7. Potato

  1. So. We're here to talk about a fan favorite. Cosplay. The act of dressing up as a character and walking around town. Not that you have to walk around town, as most of it is done at a comic-con or convention. I'd like to get your take on cosplay. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Is it fun and creative or boring and childish? Have you done a cosplay? Do you plan to in the future? Do you have any pictures? Share your thoughts below! I'd love to know!

    P.S. This is not to be offense towards people who cosplay. Because, I personally love cosplay and dress as Disney characters and or sailor moon characters.
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  2. The swedish cosplay scene is full of divas and grudges. The curse of being niche in a small country. That said. I love cosplay, for a small scene it has some amazing cosplayers in sweden. Pixel Ninja per example.

    Myself, I do leather work as a hobby so I get some commissions from more serius cosplayers.
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  3. I admire cosplayers for their skill, confidence, creativity, and joy they find in their craft. There's a level of ingenuity that comes with accomplishing the more intricate pieces of their costume, like armor and weapons - it's especially nice when the person takes the extra step to get in character and are able to bring others into their fun. I also have a similar fondness for those who pursue lolita as a fashion, because there's something incredibly enchanting about the style and how it's developed over time.

    Personally, the reason I've never done it is because I've always been so insecure about my body, like I'm not good enough to do it. The idea of superficial criticism terrifies me, even though I'm consciously aware of how I shouldn't care. This upcoming year is actually super exciting for me because my partner in crime and I are talking about potential costumes for a convention in April. He thinks we should do Professor Layton and his assistant, Luke Triton -- but I'm still on the fence about it, because hot damn someone showed me solarpunk yesterday, and I'd love to make a costume inspired by that. Holy crap!

    How about you, @Adira?
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  4. @Ceridwyn I've done quite a few cosplays actually. I'm just very self conscious about people judging me sometimes.

    I've been a...

    Medieval Knight
    Jedi Knight (Star Wars)
    Emperor Palpatine (Star Wars)
    Darth Maul (Star Wars)
    Drizzt Do'Urden (RA Salvatore's Dark Elf book series)
    Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate Zero)
    Prince Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke)
    Van Fanel (Vision of Escaflowne)
    Spawn (Todd McFarlane's Spawn)
    King Leonidas (300 - I still have my six pack after nearly a decade, too!)
    Altair (Assassin's Creed)
    Rorshach (Watchmen)
    Archer (Fate Stay Night)
    Male Ruby Rose (RWBY)

    ...and many others!
  6. Some cosplay looks super dope. Others... not so much.
  7. I've wanted to cosplay for as long as I've known that it exists. Unfortunately, there are limitations that prevent me from doing so.
    One such limitation being money, another being highly judgmental parents who don't understand the culture of cosplay.
  8. None of those answers in the poll adhere to my saying in this. I absolutely ADORE cosplay, I just don't have the time to do it or make it myself... :(
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  9. I have wanted to cosplay pretty much since I started college and found out it was a thing. Unfortunately, I have always lived in places that are quite a distance from any convention. The one convention even remotely near me is small and during the opening weekend of hunting season.

    That being said, after recently meeting someone, I have decided to go to the next-year's convention as a LoL character (I haven't even played the game but oh well!).

    She will be BloodMoon Akali,
    My best friend will be Yasuo
    And I will be BloodMoon Shen
  10. Male Ruby? MALE RED?! THAT'S A THING?! O.o
    I keep forgetting rule sixty-three exists.

    I on the other hand don't think I'm allowed to even dress up for halloween anymore... Pssh, Catholic Parents.
    I WILL cosplay my spirit asunder once I can though. Oh yeah.
    <----This guy. - the long face. At least once.
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  11. I am the needle of my thimble
    Cloth is my body and thread is my heart
    I have created over a thousand costumes
    Unknown to awards, nor known to money
    Have withstood bankruptcy to make many masks
    Yet, those hands will never sew anything
    So as I stitch

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  12. Agh, Darn you! XD
  13. Where's the option 'I like it, but I'd never do cosplay myself?' :C
  14. I love cosplay all together. I've always wanted to cosplay but can't due to a few reason such as money and family, but once the money thing is sorted out I'm not going to let the family reasons stop me. My friends cosplay so I work on a lot of their costumes, accessories and even helping them get into character. Though superficial criticism can be tough at times but I say take baby steps. My friend on the other hand doesn't understand that and wants us to go as a pair. She would be Kos-Mos and I would be T-elos from xenosaga. Thats stepping far out of the comfort zone but I'll get there one day.
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  15. Thank you all for your opinions! I'm sorry I couldn't include everyone's poll opinion but those were the ones I thought people could relate to. I'm very interested in doing a weekly poll/discussion topic and seeing people's thoughts and options.

    As for cosplay, as I stated above I isially stick to Disney characters. I Also have a hard time with money so I biy my costumes piece by piece since I can't see to save my life. My dad is pretty understanding of my cosplaying and usually takes my pictures for me! So far I've gone as..
    Hipster Elsa
    hipster Ariel
    Ariel in her "kiss the girl" dress
    And I howl to do Elsa and her ice dress and Jasmine as well as Aurora and someday maybe even Anna.
  16. Costume design intrigues me, which isn’t surprising due to my love for theatre and art. Cosplayers who replicate characters’ looks by paying attention to small details amaze me. I love when makeup is used to set moods. For instance, bad guys often have dark circles beneath their eyes, or have sunken in features, so I love to see that extenuated. However, it takes a long time and some money to piece together looks. One Halloween I dressed up as Sharon from Pandora Hearts. My mother helped me sew the outfit. I’m not able to replicate things half as complicated as that on my own yet! If I’m not busy during a con, I’d like to look into some easy cosplay ideas.