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  1. This is the cosplay cafe, where the waiters and waitresses are dressed as any character (including anime, comics, tv shows, movies, video games, etc. Possibly oc's or au's) There are different themes in spots of the cafe, and each waiter has their one or two tables to keep. Pretty much anything is available to eat, even fandom foods (eg: butterbeer from Harry potter). Guests can also come in cosplay if they want. Enjoy!
    (Please use the basic ettiqute like smut gets moves to pm's, please try not to kill characters (trust me it happens), but please be as dramatic as you feel necessary! And have fun! Character sheet isn't needed as long as you can incorporate description into posts. Use this if you need.

    Dere type:
    Zodiac (like gemni or Leo):
    Pretty much anything else...)

    Name: Grace Bradshaw
    Age: 19
    Cosplay: Velvet Scarlatina
    Dere type: deredere
    Zodiac: Pisces
    Hometown: Pittsburg, but recently moved out of her house to the nearby college

    Grace fixed her bunny ears very quickly, nervous for her first day as a waiter. She had an order for a bunch of cute bakery items, which she wanted to ear herself. She hadn't even eaten breakfast. She carried them out on a fancy tray into the school/maid character section. She walked down to the table by the window successfully without tripping over her own feet, unlike some newbie waiters. She smiled as she set down the pastries and cupcakes and poured the tea that sat in the center. She was doing it! This was an omen, this was a good job to have for her college career. It wouldn't be so stressful and her brain wouldn't implode from her load of homework and study. This was good.
  2. Name: Veronica Coldstone
    Age: 18
    Cosplay: Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
    Dere Type: deredere
    Zodiac: Sagittarius
    Hometown: Winter Park, Florida but recently moved to Pittsburg

    The bosses nodded when Veronica listed her previous waitressing job.
    "You know, Veronica we just hired someone but i do think we have one more opening..."

    "Oh wonderful! You have no idea how much i needed this," she said shaking the bosses hand.
    The bosses studied her, "you have the looks of Lara Croft, would you mind dressing up as her?"

    Veronica shook her head, "no.." She chuckled, " shes one of my favorite characters..."
    They both shook hands and the young, beautiful Veronica walked out with her new uniform.
  3. Grace walked back to the kitchen as Veronica was walking out of the office in cosplay. She dropped the tin tray with a clatter. She fangirled for a second before regaining her composure and said "I love your cosplay! You would probably do awesome as a waiter!" She said happily. She was almost too short to play her own character, let alone Laura Croft. And she adored tall characters. She smiled, and the blushed, remembering her tin tray, which was still on the floor. She leaned down and picked it up, smiling at Veronica and waving as she went.
    "Take.... luck." She said nervously, mixing "take care" and "good luck" together. She always got nervous around other cosplayers of her favorite games and shows.
  4. Name: logan garcia
    Age: 20
    Cosplay: sesshomaru (inuyasha

    Dere type: deredere
    Zodiac: leo
    Hometown: denver, colorado, moved to pittsburgh after receving a scholarship to a nearby college

    logan had just exited the locker room after getting into his cosplay. when he got to the front of the cafe he already heard some of the girls in his section calling him. for some he reason he had a grow fanbase of girls that constantly came into the cafe. He noticed both new waitresses. "hows it going girls. welcome to the family." he extended his hand to greet them.
  5. [​IMG]

    Kalmia opened the door to the cute little shop. Mia has been 'Cafe hopping' in hopes she'll fine a place to be a regular by her 18th birthday. She had seen flyers for this place, knowing full well they welcomed their guest to join in on the dress up fun, but Mia wasn't bold enough.

    Mia stood in the door way twisting her Emerald wedged shoes together as she contemplated if she was to seat her self or wait.
  6. Veronica smiled and waved, chuckling before she walked out the door...her shift wasnt for a couple of hours but with the spitting image of Lara Croft and her new clothes shes sure to attract more customers.
  7. Grace took another look around. She saw the ever-popular inuyasha characters, especially the one in the almost all white. She then saw a girl enter. She looked rather timid, much like herself the first visit she had to the cafe. She smiled and waved as Veronica left, but walked over to Mia.
    "Hello, welcome to the cosplay cafe. Do you have a preference on seating sections, such as high-school themes, magic themes, action video game themes, or anything else?" She asked politely, smiling nicely the entire time.
  8. Mia's eyes lit a spark as 'Laura craft' passed. She was slowly filling with joy on the inside, but began to brim when the 'Bunny girl' addressed her. "You're like the perfect bunny ever!" She blurted with excitement. She took both hands and cover her lips with a small gasp. Her face pinked as she replied quietly to Grace's question. "Is there a chance I could see them all?"
  9. Name:Anastasia Gavin
    Description: [​IMG]
    Cosplay:Zigfried Von Schroeder-Yu-Gi-OH1

    Dere type:n/a
    Zodiac (like gemni or Leo):Gemni
    Hometown:New York
    Has a cosplay partner, Luna who is usually Seto kaiba. Bonus:luna is anas real sister,so hey do fight a LOT

    Name:Luna Gavin
    Description: [​IMG]
    Cosplay:Seto Kaiba-Yu-Gi-OH1

    Dere type:n/a
    Zodiac (like gemni or Leo):gemeni
    Hometown:New York
    Has a cosplay partner, Anastasia who is her real sister.

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  10. Logan had just finished taking the orders from his section and sending them back to the kitchen. He noticed the girl get excited when she was approached by the new waitress. He decided to introduce himself. He walked over to the girl and the waitress." Hello ladies."
  11. Anastasia entered the Cafe with Luna. Now to anyone who knew the fandom- seeing these two in the same room without killing each other was a Miracle. "Can we get a yu-Gi-Oh! themed table??" The One Girl, Luna Said. Anastasia meanwhile, had her eyes on the lara Cosplayer. She had been tempted to be a Tomb raider charecter, but She didn't want to ruin the cosplay she and Luna always do at Cons. That, and she didn't even need a wig for her cosplay- this hair she had, was natural.
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  12. "Hi ... Logan?" Grace said unsure. She had sat Mia at one of his tables. She seemed like the type who would like that theme. "Can you take her order please? I'm going to go sit these new customers in a seat. I dunno if we have a Yu-gi-oh cosplayer out. I will seat them then check the back for a waiter for them. Worst comes to worst, I will change into the cosplay." She shrugged, talking too much.
    She walked over and lead them to the gaming section, where there were multiple card-type games available at the back to play, from pokemon to bakugan to yu-gi-oh. She sat them at a table
    "Your waiter will be here in a moment." She said, taking a respectful bow. "What drink should I send out with the waiter?"
  13. Veronica walked in hours later with her uniform, she looked just like Lara Croft. People gasped as she entered, men blushed at the sight of thegorgeous cosplayer.
  14. "Can i get a Strawberry milkshake?" Anastasia asked, looking out a window. She seemed lost in thought as she always is. Luna bows, "Thank you for everyhting.can i just get a Water? thanks."
  15. Lara watched what everyone was doing and walked to the boss that started talking to her about what she needed to do, it was simple...there was a game section of the cafe and all she needed to do was take orders and serve.
    The young woman started with a few customers that was gushing at her sight as they took orders.
  16. "Yup! I will make sure the waiter brings those!" Grace said nervously. She hoped someone could cosplay for them. She hoped someone had something, because she knew nothing about yu-gi-oh.
    She quickly ran to the back.
    "Does anyone have a yu-gi-oh cosplay?" She yelled into the changing room.

    ((Optional if you other people want, but if you want to be the waiter you can. If not, I'll probably make a new character or find someone who looks like Grace))
  17. Mia thanked the Bunny waitress with a nod and sat down at the table. Instantly her eyes fell to the cute Kirara plushie on the table. This place was definitely setting the scene with the flat screen playing an episode. Other little details and characters floated around the area. InuYasha and Kagome was in a clock, while Sango held Kirara on the back rest of the opposite booth seat. Miroku, Shippo, and even Rin could be seen. But Mia found it odd that not a single place held Sesshomaru. She looked up at her waiter cosplaying Sesshomaru. Was this to make him stand out? It was a good tactic. She stared at his face and began to think thoughts all of her own.

    "I-is that real?" She blushed staring even more at him.
  18. Anastasia sighed, "If you wan ti could work here. I know enough about yu-gi-oh! plus i could raise money for my partner and i to go to more conventions.." she suggested
  19. logan looked at the girl. "welcome to the cafe. if you are referring to my hair than it is real." he bowed slightly. "would you like something to drink madam."
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