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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kyros, Sep 30, 2014.

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    December 10th, 2190 AD

    The 1st interstellar flight in the history of man-kind. For the past 150 years man-kind has been slowly expanding out into the solar system. Until ten years ago when a group of scientists uncover a crashed alien ship on Venus. The greatest discovery in human history. But discovering an alien ship was not enough. A decade of reverse engineering and a carbon copy was built. The S.S.Valor, the fastest, most advanced starship ever constructed by the human race. A group of the most educated and experienced people were selected to crew the vessel from all across the solar system. But something went wrong, just before their 1st mission to Alpha Centauri, something went terribly wrong. A bright flash illuminated the solar system. Before the crew of the Valor had a chance to react the Earth was vaporized by was appeared to be some sort of energy pulse, after that, the moon was next in line. The captain shouted "GET US OUT OF HERE NOW!" The Tunnel Drive was activated and within moments a worm hole was generated before them. With numerous systems damaged, no home to go back to and no idea where they are, the crew of the S.S.Valor have become wanderers in depths of space. The last of the human race, will they survive? Or will they perish in the darkness...


    (o) Captain: Master of the ship, capable of flying it if needed but typically doesn't.
    (x) Executive Officer: (1st Mate) Responsible for the safety and security of the ship and crew, chief of ship weaponry.
    (o) Operations Officer: (2nd Mate) Responsible for general day to day operations, the ships cargo & supplies.
    (o) Helmsman/Navigator: Certified flight crew, in charge of navigation, course corrections, astrography, etc.
    (o) 1st Engineer: Responsible for ship maintenance and repairs.
    (o) 2nd Engineer: Assists the 1st engineer in all duties.
    (o) Medical Officer: In charge of the crews health, certified doctor & surgeon.
    (o) Science Officer: Educated in numerous fields such as biology, geology, physics, astronomy, etc.
    (o) Archives Officer: Responsible for both the physical DNA bank and electronic database.
    (o) Ground Crew One: Assists with physical duties throughout the ship, certified for ground missions.
    (o) Ground Crew Two: Assists with physical duties throughout the ship, certified for ground missions.
    (o) Ground Crew Three: Assists with physical duties throughout the ship, certified for ground missions.
    If you have any questions regarding the history/lore, or require information regarding your characters or late 22nd century society just let me know :v)
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  2. Character:
    Name: Eric Jones VII
    DOB: 18 August 2165
    Position: Exec Officer
    History: Eric Jones, the Seventh of His name, was born in New York City, New York, where his family had lived for over 200 years. His great-great-great-great grandfather, Eric II, was a famous medical researcher who work for the CDC, then WHO. The family legacy has been in medicine, but Eric VII is the first to break the chain. He expressed no interest in medicine, and very nearly failed his biology classes in school. He joined the Military at age 17, 8 years ago. He is now an officer, in charge of security and the weapons of the ship. He basically commands a team of armed personnel tasked with guarding the big wig scientist etc.
  3. Reserve me one Ground Crew spot! Do you have a specific preference for a CS? Also do you have an idea of where you'd like this to go and finally, any specific rules you'd like followed?
  4. Personell File:

    Name: William Zain
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Post: 1st Engineer
    Age: Twenty Nine

    Education: Bachelors Degree in Astropsychics, and Bachelors Degree in Computational Engineering.
    Service Record: Three years
    Commendations/Medals: N/A

    I'll develop a backstory, but I imagine it'll mostly come out through the RP.(If you want me to send it to you just say the word!) This looks awesome!


    >Dr. James Wilhelm

    >>41 YEARS OLD
    >>1.9 METERS TALL
    >>80 KG

    >>>in BIOLOGY
    >>>12 YEARS of STUDENT
    >>>1 YEARS as GROUP PRACTITIONER with Dr. Rosen and Dr. Yin and Dr. Kinsley
    >>>0.1 YEARS of EMERGENCY OR SURGEON of St. James' Hospital
    >>>10 YEARS of SURGEON of St. James' Hospital

    >>>RECOMMENDED BY St. James' Hospital - "Hardworking, smart, and the fastest suture
    >>>>this side of the Atlantic. Has been known to be late with paperwork."
    >>>RECOMMENDED BY Professor Henry Ackley - "He was a very smart student, but not
    >>>>entirely there during class."
    >>>RECOMMENDED BY Dr. Amy Rosen - "Never got any complaints from his patients. Although,
    >>>>he was never very good with keeping up with appointments."


    ((Hope the format's good. Not sure how the actual transcripts look in the universe but the green-and-black pattern never fails, right?))
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  6. Name: Jason

    DOB: 19 June 2168

    Age: 23

    Position: Operations Officer

    Appearance: 6'2, brown hair, pale skin, half rimmed glasses and green eyes

    History: Jason grew up in Philadelphia. He didn't talk much, but he memorized where everything was that might be important, though most people saw him as weird for that. When he grew up, he decided to join a private trading company as an operations officer for one of their ships, and came to be known as one of the best organizers in the company.