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  1. IC

    200 years have passed since the Church finished it's mission. It came in seven stages. Looking back on it, I guess the Christians were right all along. The first we knew of it was the war. The rebels and the Dominion. The rebels finally gained a foothold in the world. Fralax first, then they attacked Renelza, then on to Alxon. But Alxon was the final battleground. A billion people died that day, and to what extent? In the end, no one won. But of course, that was the second incidence. We never realised at the time, but the first was the Conquest, when the dominion took over the world.

    Next was the crash of civilisation. Market prices rocketed, it became too expensive for a lot to even survive. Disease ridden bodies littered the streets, rats re-evolved and became demonic monstrosities... This didn't last too long though, before the plague of death washed over the world. It took the children first, wiping out our next of kin. The women were close behind. Only the people in the most remote villages survived that. The men killed each other before the plague even affected them.

    Now, this is when things got interesting. First, the Church of the Manatech. All but the Tribunal, the highest three representatives, committed mass suicide upon the great altar in Alxon Cathedral. Non-church religions were close to follow, but no sacrifice was more impressive than the church's.

    Just a few days after the sacrifice, the event known as "Cataclysm" happened. Great earthquakes shook the land, supervolcanoes all erupted simultaneously, the moon itself turned a deep crimson red. Even the sun hid from this, becoming as black as the surrounding night.

    The last event? Well, that's a secret. Let's just say that should you ever come to understand it, this nightmare would finally be put into perspective.

    With that, Jeremy stopped writing, and put down his pen. It rolled off the table and snapped as it hit the floor. He flinched as the cold breeze passed over and through his bones. He was used to it by now though. The locals called it "Shroud". It meant that someone was going to die. He was one of just 2 million people still on Earth, yet, with no contact with the outside world, he may well have been one of 14. He stood up and sighed. The remaining foot or so of concrete wall did nothing to aid his happiness, but it did mean that at least his feet were sheltered. He stumbled over to the old pine dresser in the corner. It looked sad, lonely. A relic from a forgotten world. Lying on it was a single, crisp, white envelope. He folded the paper in his fragile hands, and slipped it inside, sealing the message with an elaborate pin. On the front, in fine, spidery writing, he wrote "To whomever it may concern". Then, with the last ounces of his strength, he put it in a small alcove in the cliff face. He collapsed against it, welcoming the icy yet gentle grip of death.


    So, as you can tell by now, this is a post apocalyptic world. It is set in the year 5322, however, it is not, as you would say, a normal dystopia. The world is plagued by demons, strange, twisted beasts that come in infinite variety. You will play one of the remaining 2 million humans on this earth. It is up to you and your associates to survive this nightmare, and stop the seventh seal from being opened.

    (The Bio is not necessary, as long as you can convince me with the rest of the character that you will RP it well.)
    (The Inventory must use common sense. No high tech laser cannons, no magical wands of fireball.. You get the gist.)
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  2. And as always, I'm in.

    Name: Velcine Reteck
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Velcine is quite reserved, yet she can be arrogant, an egotist and condescending most of the time, with a heart of stone she can be merciless.
    Show Spoiler

    Biography: To be RPd.
    Inventory: Pistol, lighter.. (I'll probably end up updating this IC)
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  3. Name: Allfain "Synner" Coghlan
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Mischievous, rebellious, and an enjoyer of dark desire, Allfain is almost everything a perfect Christian is not. He is loud when mirthful, but can become quiet as a shadow when necessary. Not very fond of people, but can get along well enough. Always having been a sinful individual, Allfain seems to enjoy the hellish conditions, rejoicing in the fact that he's going to hell no matter what he does at this point, and he can now openly express his nature as sort of a 'go big or go home' mindset, having given up any illusion that he can be saved at this point.
    Show Spoiler

    Biography: Allfain Coghlan was born into a hypocritical 'catholic' pagan Glixian (Irish-Scottish) family. They all sinned in one form or another. When he became old enough to understand the concept, he thought sinning and lying about it was what you were supposed to do. But he didn't like to lie. He always admitted when he had sinned, and almost seemed to take pride in the fact. He began studying ancient books he had found about the gods of polytheistic cultures. They made more sense to him that what his family believed, so he became the pagan of the family, but retained some of the Christian influences in his new ideals. His brother, John, was the opposite, being the 'ideal Christian'. Seeing what Allfain had become as evil that must be purged, he began his long crusade by trying to replicate Cain's Heresy by killing Allfain. John failed, only managing to damage his brother's right eye, and Allfain ran from home, becoming a rogue. John was killed later on by a demon he was fighting. Meanwhile, Allfain further indulged himself, knowing he was hell-bound, and believed he cannot be saved at this point and may as well enjoy what little time left he has the best he can. He had a man replace his damaged eye with a bionic one, allowing him to zoom his vision further than normal and even see in night vision. He made his living by hunting some of the bizarre new beasts for food and materials that could be fashioned into clothes, tools, and weapons. He uses what time he spends in some of the larger human camps in bars and cathouses.
    Weapons (open)
    Main dagger black dagger.jpg
    Bone dagger
    Bone Dagger 4.jpg
    Makeshift Axe
    Gear Axe full.jpg

    Bag (open)
    Rope, fire making kit, rations, blade sharpener, medicinal herbs, bandages, flask

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  4. Wooh! Someone exists! Im surprised you found this page though. I think ill go ahead and accept you, provisionally though. Be prepared to change something if I realise it probably doesnt fit. Ill make an IC thread as soon as possible and notify here when its available.
  5. Haha, yes, I exist.

    I found this because I get bored and was looking through the sign-ups, found this and thought I'd give it a try.

    As for the character, I'm adaptable to changing it to fit.
  6. hah thanks :D I have more internet here than I had hoped for (im not at home for a while) so the IC should be up along with a crude outline of my character tomorrow.

    Alright, i've read the app properly, and I love the character! If you pull of the RPing well, it'll be brilliant, I expect. However, there is one point I'd like to make: As it is X hundred years on from now, Christianity, just like the ancient religions, has faded into myth, and it is something taught about briefly in history lessons. A sort of evolution of it, like christianity is of judaism, would definitely exist, but it would be considered a seperate religion, and the amount of people who followed it would be a severe minority, as generally people followed either the Church of Manatech or nothing at all, given science pretty much proved god to be non-existent. The theme of this chapter of Correlax is sort of one big irony. Also Ireland as we know it wouldn't exist. The accent would but I'd think it'd be under a different name. Like "london" was renamed "Fralax" at some point. I would give you a link to chapter one so you can read through the lore established there, but I can't find it.
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  7. Show me when you find it, I'll adjust it accordingly.

    As for the religion thing, in that case his entire family are Pagans, having passed the religion down generation to generation 'so the old ways may not be forgotten'. The family has actually diminished and the pure catholic nature of the bloodline ended with the death of John, Allfain's brother. Allfain still practices ancient religions, believing them possibly true and more believable than most anyway. His is a very old family.
  8. Hah ok. I like pagans so ill let them keep going :D
  9. Excellent!

    I would like to know some more of the lore though.
  10. Yeah im trying to dig it up for you. The website no longer exists so im looking to see if I have a copy stored somewhere.

    There. That's what the people in chapter one had. We never finished chapter one though except for me in my head because I knew what needed to be done to lead onto chapter two. Once you've read that then I can give you some more details if you require them.
  12. Alright. What was IReland renamed, and what would their people be called (i.e. Ireland folk are Irish, England folk are English, Japan folk are Japanese, etc.)
  13. eh IDK. You can come up with it yourself if you like.
  14. Edited. Now his family is Glixian, with Glixia being the territory of Ireland and Scotland.
  15. Yess, this is back on. Finishing up app as we speak. Ready for IC when you are, Rat.
  16. OK IC thread created. Anyone may feel free to start when they like. If you want a physical image of what you could expect to face, search both "sliver art" and "tyranid art" on google images. Note S-L-I-V-E-R not S-I-L-V-E-R. They mutate to any extent though so you could have any monstrosity you want as long as its capable of tearing your face off. My CS will be posted here soon, mind giving a look over it? I like to get a second opinion on my people so I dont over power myself and restrict other people to much less.
  17. Name: Serei
    Age: 27
    Gender: F
    Personality: relatively shy and withdrawn, but battle hardened and ruthless. She will willingly sacrifice others in order to preserve herself.
    Biography: Serei was born to a younger couple in a group of 13 people, 3 children including her. They moved between the ruins of towns and the huts in the wilderness, managing to avoid contact with most other life forms beyond food for roughly 20 years. In this group, there was a fatherly figure who was a much better parent than anyone else in the nomadic peoples, and he taught all the children ways of survival. However, the othet two had developed too much emotional attachment, and when they ran into the demon, they were slaughtered trying to defend the group while Serei made a break for it under the cover of a series of rubble piles. After that, she wandered alone, sticking to habited areas where possible. She earned food by helping "criminal" groups break open old vaults under wrecked banks, and her reward for this was a beautiful compound bow. It may be quite a primitive piece of equipment, but in these times, any weapon is better than no weapon. It was general knowledge by know that there were a series of weak points on any demon regardless of form, but it required an eagle eye to find and exploit these in battle. She honed this for 4 years while in with a particularly hardcore organisation, and realised that there was a few chemicals that could be extracted from common materials that could act like poison if it managed to reach inside a demon's blood system, and she coats her arrowheads in this as often as she can. Assuming of course, there is no possibility of explosive arrows.
    Inventory: Compound bow, quiver of broadhead arrows, several "thin pointy" arrows, empty phial with seal, backpack with (stale) food for a couple of days, rusty combat knife, half empty firelighter.
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  18. Pretty cool, except it's a quiver of arrows. Sheaths are for swords, unless she's using a sheath as an impromptu quiver, in which case it makes sense.
  19. God damn it I even know that :D I guess i'm just tired. Thanks for the feedback though. You OK with starting somewhere near a small town in the Lake District? I don't want people wandering around very long without interaction.
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