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  1. Not a lot of people know that Corpse party is actually a anime, besides watching ''Pewdiepie'' play the game or playing it themselves most people simply don't know. I just want to make this clear, If there is a anime game out there, there is definitely a watchable show of it.

    Anyways, Here is where we start.. Things start off with everyone nearly just arriving in class which will be around 5-10 minutes early before the bell rings to start class in the morning. You are welcome to use everyone else as NPCs (for now) just to get the plot rolling and till we get members to fill them, however don't act those parts out to much because that is more work for the other people that wish to play as that character.​
  2. (( So I assume the actual students are starting their day off normally? ))
  3. ((yes))
  4. (( Alright I'll just wait for the other's since I'm playing as a ghost. ))
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  6. (its fine)
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  7. (( Ohh? Where is everyone? ))
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