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    The students of class 2-A at Kisaragi Academy worked to complete the decorations of their school's culture festival for three long weeks before they had finished it. It was decorated with the flags of many countries throughout Asia, and even sold some of the traditional foods other cultures ate. Despite the seemingly innocent setting, the eight students whom had helped create the festival disappeared the same night it opened.

    They were last stated to have gone into the school building, but never exited. No evidence was found in the school either. Then the entire city was search, yet no leads popped up. Its as if they had vanished without a trace..

    After they performed the charm ''Sachiko Ever After'', the school began to shake violently as the floor beneath them began to fall apart to reveal a dark abyss that soon devoured them. They awoke to find themselves in an entirely different school, formally known as Heavenly Host Elementary..
  2. Everything went dark for Sakura Hayashi, the last thing she remembered was falling down into the deep black void below... She opened her eyes, which she didn't remember closing looking around at her surroundings, she was in some sort of classroom, perhaps she had landed here when she fell. It didn't make sense though, what kind of charm would do something like this? The Sachiko charm was just supposed to keep them "together forever", nothing more right? With a sigh she got up shakily, starting to explore, perhaps another classmate has fallen in with her? As if on cue, she spots a blonde haired girl not too far from her, recognizing her as one of her classmates she ran up to her "H-hikari?... I-is that you?" She asked quietly, wondering if she was even consious....
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  3. Hikari was sprawled out on the floor, unconscious. But when she heard Sakura's voice, she slowly came to. "Nghhh, Sakura-chan..." She tried moving, but a sort of stinging pain rushed to her left knee. "Ouch!" She exclaimed as she palmed her knee reflexively. Lifting her hand up to look at it, she saw that it was stained red. Red from her blood. "Uwaaa, I'm bleeding!" She quickly kicked off her shoe and pulled off the white knee sock, which was drenched in blood around the top. The injury was less serious than she had expected, it was merely a superficial scraping which had already scabbed over for the most part. It did make her wonder just how long she had been unconscious for. "Phew, nothing serious... I don't think I should be walking around with my knee sock like this, though." She rolled the piece of fabric around her knee like a make-do bandage, making it twist around so that the red part wasn't touching her knee yet wasn't showing outwards, then tied it with a knot to make it stay in place. She put on her shoe again, and tried supporting her weight on the leg. It stung a bit at first, but not too much. It wasn't until she was done tending to her wound that she realized that her surroundings were completely different. "Wait, where are we? This isn't our school, is it? I mean, if I remember correctly, there was some type of earthquake, but... That couldn't have caused this massive amount of wreckage, could it?" She remembered how the floor had opened up under them after they performed the Sachiko ever after charm. But if they had really fallen through the floor to the classroom underneath, shouldn't they all be here? "Kuroko-chaaan! Satoshi-kuuuun! Madoka-saaaan!" She tried calling out to some of the others, but none of them replied. Sakura and her were actually alone in this place. "That's weird, everyone wouldn't have just left already, right? I mean, even if they woke up before us they wouldn't leave us alone without leaving some type of message as well..." Hikari had a closer look around, trying to find a piece of paper, a carving in the wood, anything really that could give them a hint to the whereabouts of their friends. That's when she saw something slightly hidden in a dark corner of the room, something she wished she could forget she had ever seen. "N-n-noooooooooooOOOO!" Hikari let out a horrible screen There, in the corner, slouched over like a bag of potatoes, was the body of a girl. It was horribly dismembered and mauled, blood splattered everywhere around her. Because her head was slouched over with hair covering her face, Hikari couldn't see her expression, and she was glad for that. Whatever had happened to that poor girl, it certainly wasn't anything near pleasant. Clutching her head in pain she stumbled backwards as her mind was trying to process what it had witnessed, trying to make up things like that it wasn't real or that she was just dreaming in order to cope with the shock. But there was no doubt about it, nothing fake about the ravaged remains of a girl probably not far from Hikari's age. "Th-th-that girl, her uniform... It's not ours. I don't even recognize it as something from a school anywhere near ours. So what the hell is this place!?"
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  4. Kuroko woke up on the wooden floor, groggy and covered in dust. "Owowow..." She slowly came to the realization that she was in a very awkward position, with her knees up and legs spread wide. She quickly sat up and straightened her skirt out, because that had not been a very lady-like pose. With a worried expression she examined her surroundings. "This isn't Kisaragi, now, is it?.." The place was an absolute wreck, and not the kind that could've been caused by even a powerful earthquake. It was in a state of total neglect, unkempt and just left to fall apart. Kuroko also realized that none of her friends were around, not even her sister. Tears rose to her eyes. "Did... Did they finally see the chance to ditch me and took it? Did they see me in that embarrasing position, perhaps chuckled a bit, mocked me about it, and just moved on?.." Her thoughts were racing and left alone her worries were allowed to grow completely out of proportion. Finally, her eyes reached an extremely tall and slender figure sprawled out on the floor a bit aways from her. She ran over to the body and shook it. "Tsukoyomi-san... Hey, Tsukoyomi-san! Wake up, please!" A couple strands of unruly hair fell in front of Kuroko's face as she frantically tried to wake up her classmate. With an expression of feeling defeated and hopeless she pushed it back behind her ear, staring at Shuro. She checked his pulse and breathing. He was definitely alive, but for all she knew that could be just barely, and he could be in desperate need of medical attention.
  5. Schrodinger Tsukoyomi was having a pleasant day at school as he and a few other friends finished preparing for the cultural festival. They had been at it for 3 long weeks and he was glad that all their efforts had bore fruit. The first day of the festival was a success thanks to their efforts but when the time came for them to go on their seperate ways, someone had the idea of performing a ritual to ensure that they'd be together forever... At that moment, his sixth sense reacted like crazy. It felt like his mind was on fire. This sixth sense helped him identify paranormal events and for some reason, he was certain that there was something eerily supernatural about this charm. From his extensive knowledge, the charm was connected to an urban legend about a school that existed way before Kisaragi during the 1950's... Heavenly Host Academy. He had read an article once about a grizzly incident that triggered it's foreclosure. Apparently, during the 1970's , the son of the principal abducted 4 children, 3 of which he slaughtered but was unable to kill the 4th child, Sachiko, leaving her the only survivor of the grizzly murders.

    Shuro, as what he preferred to be called, was already well aware of the charm's existence. He had encountered it whilst browsing the blog of a fellow paranormal enthusiast named Naho Saenoki. He memorized the steps to perform it but he decided not to try it for himself because of his sixth sense. He was initially planning to go against performing the charm because of his sixth sense but once he saw Kuroko agree to it, he couldn't help but join in. Besides, he cannot afford to reveal even a tiny glimpse of his family's heritage to any of then yet. If his sixth sense turns out to be right in this one, he couldn't afford letting her be exposed to anything dangerous.

    It was a choice that he thought would not hurt anyone.... However, it was a choice he'd soon come to regret. After they had performed the charm, a hugenearthquake suddenly occured, and the floor collapsed underneath them, causing them to fall into a dark abyss. He had lost consciousness after that.

    Shuro awoke to the sound of Kuroko's panicked voice. Then he felt the surging pain hit his stomach and chest cavity. He must have belly flopped when he fell but it didn't feel like any of his ribs were broken. He merely groaned in pain before his eyes fluttered open. There, he came face to face with Kuroko who was only inches away from his face. The closeness resulted to him getting flustered as his face burned red.

    "Um... a...aren't you a bit ...too close, Kuroko-chan?" Shuro told her in a stuttering manner. It was then that he noticed something... They were no longer in their classroom nor inside Kisaragi Academy itself.

    Groggily standing up, he was shocked to see what kind of place they ended up in. The place did indeed look like a classroom but the desks were too small, hinting that this place was once an elementary school. Furthermore, the dilapidated state of the establishment, it was evident and obvious that an earthquake alone couldn't have done this. If there was a powerful earthquake, the whole building itself shouod have come crashing down but it wasn't the case. The only evidence that could tell that the place had experienced an earthquake were the gaps on the floor.

    "This is bad. If my memory serves me right, then we are currently at Heavenly Host Academy... And it should have been demolished a couple of years ago! " He told her in an ominous voice.
  6. Madoka dragged herself to her feet, and looked around. The whole room was a blur, but it didn't look like the classroom she and her friends were just in. There weren't any desks, and there was only one other person lying on the floor. She groped around for a while, eventually finding her glasses near where she had fallen. Things were much clearer with them on. This was definitely not her classroom. It didn't even look like the same school. It also looked...pretty dilapidated. And that person lying nearby was just Satoshi.

    she moved over to him and gently shook him a few times to wake him up. He...didn't seem to be hurt. Probably. "Saotshi-san," she asked in her usual quiet voice, "Are you hurt? It looks like the earthquake wasn't severe, but...we have other problems now." The entire atmosphere of the place was off, but she did her best not to panic. In a situation like this, that's the first thing to keep in mind. She fished her cell phone out and checked it. "No reception."
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