Corpse Party 1st sequence

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what death methods should we have? choose 4

  1. Hanging

  2. decapitation

  3. murder

  4. torture

  5. razor wires

  6. burning

  7. Drowning

  8. traps

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Following the events of the Kizaragi academy disappearances, as well as the two survivors gone.

    We are the new class of 2-A and once again another victim is willing to try the charm with her friends but will you survive the horrors of heavenly host find out in sequence one

    30th of October 2010
    we are students preparing for the schools Halloween festival the 9 of us including our teacher are incharge of the booths and cleaning up afterwards

    29th of October 2010 10:00pm
    we begin here.
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