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  1. here is the signup post for your characters you may have multiple ones the format of the sign up will be:

    Back story:
  2. Name: Himari Matsoka

    Age: 17

    attire: She usually seen in her school unifrom but if shes not shes in shorts and a tank top

    personality: Himari is one of those girl that no one really knows, though shes always there and tends too smile instead of speaking, no ones actually really heard her speak...ever, shes never call on in class and is always quiet. She's considered popular because she tend to get dragged around by people

    Traits: Shes kind and also easy to spot bright pink hair.

    Back story: Himari lives alone after a car accident that claimed both her parents and left her brother in a coma, its believe that was when she stopped talking vowing never too speak till her brother woke up.
  3. arigato accepted but i'll be putting this on hold for awhile
  4. Banzi! So happy my bio was accepted, thank you Shinohara-san! I look forward to enjoying the wonders of heveanly host with you ^.^.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.