Corpse Demon (Signup/Bio)

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  1. Sotoba was just a normal town with normal people,Everything went swell,There were no worries,and People didn't cause trouble that much.
    Everything was perfect,Until a family had moved in and a fancy house near the woods.That's when things went downhill for Sotoba. There were death's happening,The towns population was decreasing everyday by the second,Could this family be behind it?...What was going on? Dear friends and families were missing.They were getting some type of diseases and they had bite marks either on their arms or neck.Nothing had ever happened to sotoba until this family showed up.

    Plot(For humans and hunters):As the town population is lowering and dear friend and family members are getting unknown bite marks that are killing you either work in a group or alone to stop this phenomenon.From all this happening some had lost their sanity and won't mind killing anyone so they can just survive others are working with the doctor to see what the disease is,Some just doing what they need to do.But in shorter terms it's their job to destroy diaster

    Plot(For shiki's):They are known as corpse demons,Some were already like it from being bitten in the past,Some from the town sotoba who had been bitten.They do what sunako the head leader of the corpse demons or shiki wants,If not they serve punishment,If there is no commands they are free to venture at night and feed on the citizens on sotoba.They main goal is to destroy this town and reduce the numbers of shikis.But what if it fails?

    Character sheet:
    Species: (Hunter/Shiki(Corpse Demon)/Citizen):
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  2. lol I've actually seen this anime. I will only say it is not for the squeamish.