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  1. In New Zealand, we have a company called Harvey Norman, which sells furniture and appliances. Recently, they happened to mislabel their prices on their website, causing furniture potentially worth $5000 to show up priced at $100. A number of people bought the mispriced furniture, and even confirmed that the transactions went through. However, upon realising their mistake, Harvey Norman announced they wouldn't be honoring those transactions and wouldn't send out anything unless it was paid for at the proper price.

    There is a legal argument that Harvey Norman should honor the transactions, though there is also room for them being in the right. They are offering to refund anyone that purchased the furniture.

    So my question is; what do you, the reader, think should happen here?
  2. If they're going to refund the money paid, I don't see the issue. =/
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  3. 2nd-ed. It is usually the standard procedure.
  4. Yup, refunds should happen. People have this silly idea that a company must honor whatever price is listed on the shelf/site, but that's really not how it works. The people saying those purchases should be honored are silly.
  5. Goddamn, but people are entitled little fucks sometimes.
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  6. Back when I worked at Walmart, if the sticker price was wrong and the customer brought it up when the item came up a higher price at the till, they usually honour it.

    Of course, that's usually a matter of a few cents or dollars. Taking thousands of dollars in loss because some idiot doesn't know how to operate a computer is an entirely different story.
  7. Repay the Customer. Mistakes happen.
    Exactly. :P
    Plus in Wal Marts case they have the reputation of being the cheap place to go to.
    If they suddenly got the "too cheap to be cheap" reputation it would ruin them.
  8. I still that ad that was all "I'm Harvey Norman!" "No I'm Harvey Norman!" "No I'm Harvey Norman!"

    Like, they thought they were Spartacus or something.

    Anywho, If they get refunded then there is no problem
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