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  1. This is where the society drop-outs live. We're nothing but a bunch of laid back teens traveling America in a school bus. We'll live life to the fullest taking whatever comes our way rather its stopping in a Walmart parking lot playing music for money/donations, or drinking a beer on the road. We'll travel anywhere and anywhere together, and take in anyone who wants to join the bus. We all have our reasons for becoming a "cool kid" and joining the bus rather thats a hard life going, bad past, or just need a clean start :)

    Warning there will be drugs, alcohol, and probably romantic involvement. I mean after all we're all a bunch of people living on a school bus filled with cloths, food, drinks, and whatever else we can fit. But you know if you're going to do some sort of romantic appeasement have the scene fade to black cause no one wants to read that shit, this isn't a porno so keep it a lest somewhat decent.

    >Though we do need at lest two people who know how to drive the bus and someone who can buy beer<​

    here's your new home on wheels :D aka the cool bus

    front of the bus :)

    back of the bus

    just hope in, throw your stuff where ever, and join the family *holds up peace signs* I mean we all got our reasons to be a cool kid :)

    >though when you submit you're character add this<
    Full name:
    hippie name/nickname:
    likes and dislikes (at lest three each):
    some extra need to know info bout you:
    (example; i play guitar, i'm gay, i'm bisexual, i'm a huge flirt, and so on..)​
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  2. Full name: Elizabeth Harven
    Nickname: Aerin
    Party favors
    Hot people
    Acting crazy
    The process of falling in love
    Kisses in the rain
    Rude people
    The color when you mix green and brown
    When people have buggers in their noses
    Gay guys that don't tell you their gay until they get into a relationship with you
    Fast spiders
    Child Abuse
    People who only talk and never listen
    Broken promises
    Ignorant people who don't care
    Racists, bigots, narrowminded morons, discrimination.
    Warm beer
    Bad wine

    19 (She has a fake ID)
    Eliza has never been one of the good children. The ones that do their parent's bidding and get good grades in school. She's hasn't always been the one to be level-headed or calm.
    She gravitates towards danger. She's a bit of an adrenaline junkie and she loves the thrill of fear. She's the type to walk across a highway, just to see if she can.
    She has two voices in her head. Her 'Intelligent voice,' And her, 'Let's-jump-off-the-roof-because-why-the-hell-not?' Voice.
    She's a bit of a firecracker, and when angered can be extremely volitale. Otherwise, she's a sweetheart and usually the one to crack a bad joke.
    She's extremely stubborn. So if she believes she's right, the worst thing to do would be say she isn't.
    She's a prankster. Dear god, never start a prank war with her.
    Her parents never gave her much attention, giving her free roam to do whatever she wanted. Which is probably the reason for her eventually turning to dangerous scenarios to feel emotions. To feel anything. If you were one to watch the train tracks, Eliza would be the one skipping school, playing on the tracks thirty seconds before a train came.
    She got in trouble a lot throughout her childhood. She was one of those children who broke the rules just because they could.
    She's not one of those stuck-up girls. She's more a guy's girl. The type that acts like 'One of the guys' instead of the makeup-loving, hot outfit wearing, spend-two-hours-in-front-of-a-mirror type of a girl. If she's being ridiculed or laughed at, chances are she's going to laugh too. It's hard to get under her skin, sometimes to a fault. Little things scare her, but everybody's got their fears, right?
    I-uh, well, Um. Hi. Excuse the typist. She's all tapped out of creative juice. (You know the kind.) Instead, we'll just list some things that make Aerin amazing.
    Fandoms she may or may not tackle you for mentioning: Doctor Who, Scrubs, Heroes, The Red Band Society, Selfie, Friends (GO CHONICA), TORCHWOOD IS MY BABY, Revolution, The Walking Dead, Fear of the Walking Dead, iZombie, Gossip girl, Glee, IF I STAY, Survivors, Surface, LOST GIRL, My name is Earl, Better Off Ted, DIVERGENT TRILOGY, Alphas, Being Human (UK and US), Z Nation, CHUCK, And about the rest of Netflix.
    She loves the colour Green
    Er, Rainbows?
    Taylor swift, indie artists, Youth by Daughter, Captivating Stories, JOHN GREEN YOU $%#*@#%, Home by Gabrielle Aplin.
    The picture up there that shows her with Red hair ^ is her hair colour right now.
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  3. @Kuroda - Is this Rp still open?
  4. yea it is :) we're on the road atm but we're heading into a park, I can make a post that joins your character in if you like :) it's been pretty dead tbh
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  5. you're in
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