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  1. I cook everyday and most of the time from scratch. Trying recipes and pantry-surprise nights is a lot of fun for me. 8D I LOVE FOOD and the art of preparing it. Today I had to drop a pretty penny on a lifetime quality skillet after my brother destroyed my last one with charred sloppy joes. c____c

    So the question for today!

    Do YOU do any cooking? Have you ever thought about if your characters can cook?
  2. How do you char sloppy joes?!
  3. Yes I do cook in my real life .. I am not a professional but I can cook many of the traditional dishes from my country.;)

    As for my character.. I thought about it. Yes I want her to Learn how to cook better than me without burning the fingers in the oven or over cook the vegetables lol
  4. You turn the burner on super high, then go to your computer and forget you were reheating something. >:[
  5. AUGH. This makes me sad.
  6. I cook at least once everyday. (Unless something like assembling a sandwich counts as cooking, in which case I cook at least twice a day.) I'm pretty good at it, too. My OCD makes me obsessed with perfection, so my food tends to come out beautiful and delicious because of that. xD I cook some really awesome pork chops, for example. I bread them juuust the right amount, then cook them to a crispy perfection. <3

    As for characters, some of them can cook and some of them can't, while others are just good enough. All depends on what their background is. I enjoy detailing a cooking disaster in a post. Hehe. I equally enjoy describing the processes done by my cooking experts. Not sure why. @__@ Probably because I narrate my kitchen adventures in my head, or I sing about it all as if I was in a musical.
  7. Errrrrr. Cooking, no most of my characters can't cook.

    I the best cook you will ever meet. You want a hamburger? Too bad a sandwich. You want Spaghetti? Too bad a sandwich. You want some weird French dish I can't spell nor pronounce? You don't even deserve a sandwich >:[

    I suck at cooking. I always forget what I'm doing or I burn mah food.
  8. I'm a decent chef and can make some pretty tasty food if I've got ingredients to work with. I don't really think about whether or not my characters can cook, but if asked, I could give rapid fire answers of yes, no, and they think they can.
  9. I love cooking and I can make some mean sandwiches. Roast beef and white cheese sandwich? Nope. Charbroil that cheese, add some spicy spread, make some au jus, and you have a french dip. Ham and cheese? Nope, croque monsieur. I can dress up almost any generic sandwich ingredients into something "fancy". Turning a sandwich from a lame meal into an awesome meal is easy. ^^

    Most of my characters can cook, but not all of them. It's a talent I'm good at writing so I give it to most, but with some it doesn't make sense. :c
  10. I like cooking dishes that are already familiar with me, but it's frustrating when I try a new dish and it doesn't come out right so it takes a whole for me to enjoy new things in the kitchen
  11. I have trouble trying new dishes on my own. :c Have you tried learning recipes directly from other people? I find it's a lot easier to get the hang of something when you're walked through it the first time. ^^
  12. Cooking shows are amazing and I want to cook so badly but I lack the cash to go out and buy random ingredients just to have an experiment session fail. But when I do cook it can be fun.. or a hassle... Sometimes I just want my damn pancakes and I want to eat them, not make them!
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  13. Yeah I do. Not sure if my characters want to. I had to learn on my own to make dishes meaning burning a lot of stuff, overcooking, and ultimate experimental sides which luckily did not result in hospital visits. I'm pretty decent now.
  14. I don't do lessons well >.>'
    I can follow a recipe, which is all that person would be doing anyway; it's just the trial and error of figuring out adjustments for my tools and my tastes, which is so thing no one can really teach
  15. Cooking is my passion <3. As much as I love it, I do get very obsessive about what I make, especially when it comes to baking, and when it comes out wrong I unfortunately can't help get a little frustrated with myself. But of course, that's not stopping me >:3 gotta love food.

    As for my characters, some can cook very well, some can do a little, and well some just pretty much live off ramen noodles.
  16. I have chefs in the family two of which owned restaurants. Knowledge was passed down two generation through my grandmother to me and my uncle mark.

    I have actually made three characters in DND games where my characters were cooks, their talents were preparing food and my favorite was the Mage that used magic fire to cook all the party meals. :)
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