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Conversion Troubles

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by BionicBrony, May 26, 2014.

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  1. Annabelle was coming home from work. It was a normal day as an appraiser: drive around, snap pictures, write reports, box office work, then go home. She never particularly enjoyed or hated it, simply did the task. It wasn't a bright or dull spot in her life.

    However, her neighbour had borrowed her vacuum,. for reasons she didn't deem fit to ask, and she was going to go and take it back. She walked up to her door and knocked gently, "anyone home?"

    She wouldn't guess her life was about to change forever.
  2. "One minute!" Emily cries out from the other room, quickly scurrying to the front door. Her eyes suddenly got bright as she saw who it was. "Ohhh Anna!" She can't help but lunge forward and give her a big hug. "How was work?" Quickly pulling away from her with a blush, turning around to wave her inside.

    Emily had recently sworn men off completely, but has yet to be with a woman. There is just nobody around that excites her, except for Anna. She is completely infatuated with Anna, and its getting rather hard to hide it from the girl who appears to be completely straight.
  3. Having been her neighbour for years, being hugged was something that she had expected, but still blushed from it. She took the invitation to come inside and looked at the woman, smiling gently, "I just came for my vacuum, if I may have it." She knew where it would be, but still waited for Emily to take the lead.

    The woman saw a closet and opened it, simply curios about what was inside, "a coat rack! Perfect!" It hadn't yet registered to her it was rude to do so without asking. When she hung it up, she bent over slightly so her rear was pointed slightly up in the air. Then she stood up and smiled to Emily, "May I have it back?"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.