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  1. I like to be able to jot down ideas whenever I have them, because otherwise I tend to forget about them. Up until this point, I have sent those ideas to a friend, because we tended to quickly rotate through stories. However, my partner has to leave the site for a while, and I'd rather not continue to send them to her.

    So now, I would like somewhere on site to store my ideas. Preferably somewhere that random people can't just look through them all (although I suppose that is a possibility) so that , when I am busy, I don't have people contacting me, asking to roleplay some of them. But it should also be something that would still allow me to access them easily, as well as let new partners peruse through them. The first thing that came to mind was a Conversation. With myself. It is then possible to invite new people into the conversation to let them look through, but also remove them when they are done looking. I can send myself new ideas whenever I feel like it, and it is mostly private.

    When I tried this, it said "Please enter at least one valid recipient." Which means, I am assuming, that it is not possible to exchange messages with yourself. Is there an easy fix for this? Or some alternative?

    I tried starting a conversation with someone else, and then kicked them out. Unfortunately, this just ended the conversation, rather than allowing me to be the only member.
  2. My suggestion is the blogs, yes if you leave it open people could look at any time, but it's unlikely you'll get a flood of people wnting to RP that plot that moment. Then later you can link people to specific ideas or suggest they persue your blog. Otherwise you might want to look into getting yourself a personal site hosted.
  3. You can control who views the blogs and make it so that only you can see them.
  4. Ocha and Noctis are correct! <3 You can make blog posts private so only you or specific people can see them, the same way you can with Conversations. :D
  5. Ah. I haven't explored blogging very much, so I automatically jumped to that with which I am most familiar. I certainly appreciate the information.

    Now I just have to track down how to blog...
  6. Hey while we're on the blog topic, is there a way to edit the Blog's name/description after you've created it? I can't seem to find one :/
  7. Yep, just click 'customize blog' displayed over your avatar and screen name ^^
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  8. I see no such button :/ What screen do you see this on? *starting to feel silly*
  9. View Blogs, Click "My Blog" then in the right sidebar above your avatar is the "Customize Blog" link!
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  10. I figured it out! I had to create an entry first ^_^;;

    I feel silly, thanks guys!