Converging Voyage. A traders horror sci-fi.

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What is the face of your sci-fi horror ?

  1. An alien, hiding in the vents and air-ducts.

  2. Finding yourself adrift outside your ship.

  3. Being made into something out of a nightmare.

  4. *I am scared enough of my crew*

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  5. AI and technology gone bad.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. A little RP about some galactic traders who find themselves trying to outsmart others of their ilk while something kills them of. Better run with the valuables^^
    (A sci-fi horror on an abndoned space-station)

    Have you ever wanted to make it big in the galaxy, selling goods across the systems ?
    Striking better deals than your fellow traders, outwitting them in deals and investments alike.
    But that wouldn't make a difference if you found yourself and your crew seraching for treasure on the same rock as your rivals, when something starts killing you off. I mean, you probably aren't able to convince them to die so you can escape with the valuables, right ?

    Converging Voyage:
    All great wars are over, conflicts mostly calmed. An age of trade and flourish between the numerous stars. But still there lingers objects, long since lost for all. Artifacts of unknown art, legacies from the wars long past. One such place is found, and vultures are never scarce.
    Some places are best left alone, but a trader seeks gold before all else. And an abandoned station sleeping among a vast field of asteroids and dust could very well be worth a visit. It may prove an excellent stop for both rest and extra profit aside the trade-roads. Now only if some of the others would go...
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  2. Oh. I'm very interested in this plot bunny.

    Are you expecting players to bring individual characters and work as one team, or a main character with an ncp crew to vie for the goods amongst each other?
  3. All players who wants to be a trader, get a ship and crew. The crew may be npcs or other players.
    So it is more or less up to you, though if I get one ship manned by all the players I'll be forced to divide you into different ships.
    I would preferably have at least four ships before I start it.
  4. Well count me in, then. I'm interested in having a ship and an npc crew, but however it works out the idea is lovely.
  5. Then we just need more interested people ^^
  6. Count me in! i would also prefer to be apart of a crew :)
  7. *Raises hand and jumps up and down* Gulliver wants! Gulliver WANTS! *Facedesk*
  8. Lovely, so now there are three of you hm?
    Oh, maybe more, those that cant seem to find the interestchecks xD
    Guess Ill put a OOC together sometime today ^^
  9. Fantastic <3 I have a captain and a first mate/ body guard / pet . _.
  10. Oh, now that I think about it.
    You may want to have some backup-characters in case any of your other ones dies/disappears/goes insane...
    You are meant to survive the longest after all ^^
  11. I'm good with back-up characters. I usually have at least two main ones.
  12. What a shame if one of them... died...
    Or got tricked into running the wrong direction :D
  13. MIght try this one ^^
    though as a cat i survive by sleeping on the shelfs <.< no one looks on the shelfs anymore not even the monsters
  14. I am interested. :3
  15. I hate these alert-mishaps...
    All right, Ill make an OOC ^^
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