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control is an illusion ((jelojohnXSepdemonium))

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by terragate, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. Levian walked down the halls of the school, he was nineteen yet they were sending him to school, at least what looked like school, it really was a place to keep there damned experiments locked up. Levian new this as a fact and he hated the government for this, they had done this to them and know they were paying for there actions, well at least he was not alone, at least he would be able to make friends and get along with people, he was just not allowed to use his power, no on was allowed to. Especially because only the strong users were sent here, if only he had kept his mouth shut during the reviews, but even then they would have still found him, they told him this because they found out that his energy signals were one of the strongest, this took him by surprise for only a little bit, but as he thought about it know why would it not be that way, he never in recorded history saw that there was a user who could control panthos, he did however see people who could control and manipulate matter and lift things with their mind's they were called kinetic users, he also knew of the elemental users and summoners and tracker's, but he never heard of them being all connected. he tried to make sense of it, why him. He probably had the shittiest life out of all the people her, he had no mother or father, he had no sibling's and yet he had this, he had something that no one ever wanted.


    He sighed as he walked out of the school and into the vast backyard of the school, there was a pathway that led to the dorms and was surrounded by fifty foot tall concrete walls, they were serious about keeping us in weren't they, at least they weren't super strict, like over bearing parents. walking down the path Levian stopped at one of the many benches along the walkway, he sat down on the cold surface and let himself relax. Hell maybe if no one was looking he would be able to use his power a bit, he inspected the area around him and found it to be void of anyone, so he went and lifted his hand and thought of what to do. He had many possible things to do but which would be the best for this occasion, how about a bit of wind he though. He started to twirl his hand in a circular motion, as if he was stirring up the air around him wind started to pick up and the leaves on the ground started to scatter and scitter along, the tree beside him started to sway back and forth and his hair moved around. he knew he was taking a risk, but he needed to get the energy out, the energy that was always trying to burst out of his chest, the energy that always reminded him that he could do way more then he was.

    Risk's, they were the things that took you to dark or very bright places, they are what brought you down or took you to the highest points in your life, lev made it a life decision to take risks, for the better or for the worse, because without it he felt as if he was stuck in place never moving and never changing. Neverin didn't like that, he liked feeling as if he was always moving, whether it be in the right or wrong direction.
  2. Lancier gazes at himself in the broken mirror, slowly touching his own face. “when I look in the mirror I see the seventeen year old you, when I look again I'll see the nineteen year old you. We'll never really part, will we?” he asks meekly, hopefully. His reflection of course cannot answer, it can only mimic his own lips, his own words. Lancier quickly wipes his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt and gazes down at the scar that runs across his pale wrist. “where are you?” he whispers, feeling a sob rise in his throat. He forces it back down and shuts his eyes as he tries to calm himself down, his power goes haywire when he becomes upset.. and the last thing he wants is to have an accident like last time. He shivers at the memory and slowly walks out the room.

    School, hell, prison, pain. Those are the words that Lancier associates with this place, this cage without bars. He walks slowly down one of the hallways, rubbing his left shoulder blade in thought. He quickly looks around now and then, like a nervous bird. At any sound, Lancier will let out a small squeak of horror and sometimes jump a little. Lancier's a very nervous young man, fearful of everything and everyone. He always has being, even as a child. But at least when he was a child he had someone to hide behind, someone who would protect him. 'we shared the same fate, we shared the same eyes and birthday.. yet we were so different..' Lancier thinks to himself sadly, feeling his stomach lurch. 'I am not strong like you, I never was.' he thinks with a heart full of regret and pain, there were so many things left unsaid between them. Things that would never be said now. Lancier steps outside and rubs his eyes tearfully.

    Lancier stops when he notices the other boy, he tilts his head a little and watches him. Lancier keeps out of the way as much as he can, noticing the other boy's using his powers. “u-um..u-umm..” he starts quietly before trailing off nervously.
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