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  1. Gale Hawthorne does not love Katniss Everdeen. He never has and never will. Despite the constant rumors, they have always been just friends and will remain just friends until the end of time itself. However, in that same time span, Gale will never be with the one he truly wants. That person had confessed his love to someone else at the games. It was rumored to be a strategic play, but that seemed highly unlikely to Gale. He had lost all hope.

    Gale stared blankly as the train pulled into the station, followed by loud cheers of the happy district. Gale put on a happy smirk, but did not cheer. Peeta and Katniss came out holding hands, cause his smile to falter for a moment, but it returned when he realized he couldn't do anything about it. He would be going to the mines soon anyway, his birthday was coming up soon. He followed behind his family (them behind Peeta's, and Peeta's behind Katniss') as they walked up to get the victors to their new, fancy and large, homes.
  2. Peeta walked along, his hand in Katniss's. They had stepped off the train just moments before, and had been welcomed with cheers. He glanced back at the crowds following him, and caught the eye of one person in particular - Gale Hawthorne.He quickly looked away, his cheeks reddening slightly - over the course of the Games themselves, he had realised that it wasn't Katniss who he actually loved - it was Gale. The two were so similar though, that for a while, Peeta had been confused, but now he wasn't.They reached the Victor's Village, and Peeta and his family parted from Katniss's to go to their separate houses.
  3. Gale followed Katniss and her family to welcome them to the new home, and take a look around. He wasn't really paying attention, or being as polite as he should be. It was hard though, knowing that just a little ways away, next door even, Peeta was looking at his new house as well. Then there was Gale, who was stuck here with the girl that Peeta truly loved. He deemed it unfair, but in reality he couldn't do anything about it.