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  1. So, I've got a question that I couldn't find an answer to in the FAQ, and I'm hoping I can get one here.

    I've got an RP idea I'm working on that will possibly include sex, foul language, and a bit of violence - you know, the fun stuff - both in the character backstory and the RP itself. I know sex scenes are allowed outside the libertine section, provided they're in spoilers, properly marked, and a natural progression of the story. What I don't know is how much profanity and violence is acceptable. Hell, I've been told that you can't use profanity outside of libertine, which is why I rarely leave it, but that always sounded kinda woogiddy to me. Any way I can get clarification from someone? I wanna make sure that I'm on the right side of the rules.
  2. Pfft, considering the stuff I've seen, and I've seen some wicked stuff, anything is acceptable out of libertine provided it adheres to the site policies and doesn't involve sex scenes, especially with underaged members (in the case of sex scenes that occurred naturally, they shouldn't be written like they would in prp, meaning it's highly advisable it's written as a collaboration post). Want proof? Read the announcements; even Diana curses at us outside of Libertine :P Though it's a good idea to use tags to warn other members of your content (violence, Gore, et cetera).

    EDIT: Also, Ilium. This roleplay pretty much features all that you mentioned with a little extra and it's not libertine.
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  3. I figured as much, but with all the talk about the rules being more strictly enforced, I wanna make sure I'm toeing the line, you know? I'll make sure to add the proper tags though...
  4. Noctis pretty much has it right. Anything except sex is allowed outside the libertine forum, since legality issues are what necessitate that forum. There are no rules whatsoever about language or gore, although tags are great, and spoilers might be useful for particularly gruesome stuff, just so that people are warned about potentially triggering things like people ripping out their own eyeballs or something. :P

    There is one thing I'd like to clarify, though. Just to play it safe.
    AND take place between two members of the same age group. :D It is still a big no-no for sex scenes to be written between two members on different sides of the age line, natural progression or not.
  5. I was planning to put a "No Minors" rule in place anyway. I don't mind the younger crowd, but I prefer adults anyway
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  6. What if it's written between two members in the same age group, but there's a third member in the RP whose in another?
    Wouldn't putting it in spoilers still be violating the rule?
  7. Actually a good question that I didn't consider. Not relevant for me, but still good to know
  8. As long as the third member isn't participating in the scene at all, it's still technically okay. And I put that in italics because you are starting to walk into one of those delightfully gray areas. After all, it isn't illegal for members to read sex scenes written by members outside their age group, just to write it with one of them. That's why there's only one "Libertine" graveyard, despite the fact that there's libertine and liberteen forums for active roleplays.

    All the same, I believe it is generally encouraged to take sex scenes between members of the same age group to PMs, if one would appear in a mixed-age roleplay. Just to make sure you don't accidentally set a prescient that leads to rule breaking.
  9. So, in pragmatic terms don't do it? But technically it can be done?
    What would happen then if someone did it, and then the law catches it?

    Would Iwaku risk legal issues depending on how the law goes about it, or would that technicality be strong enough to keep Iwaku safe?
  10. *squints* -_-

    Yes. Technically it can be done. Just like, technically, you could go read archived teen porn in the graveyard. Iwaku wouldn't get in any legal trouble.
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  11. Alright, just wanted to check cause that seem awfully... dicey.
    ... What?
  12. Just wondering why you were asking, and weighing the innocent question vs fishing for loopholes scale. :tongue:
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