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Cyberpunk with fantasy races?

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  1. The effect was subtle, a slight bowing of dimension as reality was pulled, this place connected to that until with soundless sensation it appeared. No opening of rifts or crackling of energy, one moment it wasn't and then simply, it was. The corner on which it manifested was empty aside from itself, the streets rolling away toward the cardinal directions strewn with refuse and overlooked by the facades of ratty buildings long abandoned by all but the lowest dregs of society. Above the sky was dark, wrapped not in night but held tight in the grasp of industrial fume. Its environs, though were largely ignored in favor of the device held in one hand, palm-sized screen alight with readings that cast a glow over its darkling features, most of which corresponded with the environment while the rest scrawled into infinity as this world's informational infrastructure was tapped. Reasonably technological, a society of some size. This city alone was an ocean of assets, crawling with the life that had erected it. Perfect.
    Pocketing the device it began to walk, appearing for all the world like just another castoff, semblance carefully crafted as the very location it had appeared. Across the way a body stumbled from a shadowed alcove, violently heaving into the gutter. Green skin, tusked, orcish. It paused to watch a moment, placidly adjusting the patch that concealed its left eye. A den of drink was made apparent by the dull glow of a neon sign, lone illumination for the short stair that led to its door. Useful, but for the moment not its goal. Now it needed a base of operations, gaze turning to the buildings. Leaving the unfortunate to his excess, it moved on. A soft noise of confirmation from the device told of success, the first feelers of its influence having secured accounts into which it could funnel the funding necessary to begin. It would have smiled if it could, the pleasure of a new world humming through its mind as possibility unfolded toward the horizon.
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