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  1. Hello, friend! I'm a little out of practice and I want somebody to help me get back into the swing of things.

    A little about what I'm comfortable with/looking for:
    • I really only play female characters. Not that I won't try male characters, but I'm comfortable with girls.
    • I tend to throw in some background characters here and there--be warned.
    • I do straight/asexual characters only.
    • I tend to write more on the hefty side in terms of amount of content.
    • Romance, humor, slice of life, modern, fantasy, sci-fi, smut, steampunk, magical, school life, angst, insane, sometimes horror
    • I don't do well with pre-written roles.
    • Fandoms: Legend of Korra, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Age, Puella Magi, Wonderland, Frozen, How To Train Your Dragon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, Rune Factory, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Fable, Doctor Who, Sonic (maybe), Any Disney movie, Walking Dead
    • I'm cool with non-fandom stuff, but I just thought I'd put that out there. Don't think I enjoy fandom things any more or less. I was just listing stuff I like.
    • Good with group or OnexOne plays.
    • I really like nekos, angels, fae, and any other mythical creatures.
    • I will do mature scenes.
    • No tentacle scenes please.
    About Me (personally):
    • Sophomore in college
    • Art Marketing Major//Music Minor
    • In both Marching Band and orchestra
    • Interests: Anime, cartoons, music (classical, pop, dubstep, rock, alt, electro swing, etc), art (fine, contemporary, pop), poetry (Whitman, Poe)
    • Professional children's book illustrator
    I'm open to any plot ideas. If you have one let me know. If not, we'll see if we can't come up with something together. I'm pretty laid back, so if there's something on here you would like to negotiate then just say so.

    Characters of mine:

    Louise Sutton (open)

    Age: 19
    Personality: Down to earth and realistic. Sometimes her practicality comes across as her being harsh. She can be optimistic, but she tends to like to be logical more often than not. Occasionally, when she's in a good mood, she can start to act a little goofy.
    Likes: Sweets, small animals, swing music, red wine

    Gaellica McClure (open)

    Age: 15
    Personality: Gaellica is a viola instrumentalist. She intends on one day joining a professional orchestra and she aspires to travel the world playing music. Shy, quiet, hardworking, and socially anxious. It takes a little bit to get her out of her shell, but once you make friends with her, she will always be loyal to you. She likes to practice her viola late at night when nobody else can hear her.
    Likes: Hot chocolate, giving random gifts, colorful things, the sound of a piano

    Mryllica (open)

    Age: 23
    Personality: Lyrical and passionate, Mryllica finds beauty in everything she sees. She does not believe in having enemies, and a fight is never a fight, but a heartfelt discussion. She is very complimentative and can sometimes come across as over doting. Mryllica lived in the sea most of her life and has only recently come to the human world. Most of the customs tend to confuse her.
    Likes: Singing, enchanting, sparkly things, enchanting ingredients

    Charlette Cheshire (open)

    Age: undefined
    Personality: Insane and unpredictable. She never really gets angry, she just becomes out of control. She is always smiling no matter the situation, but its rarely a relaxing notion. Her intentions are usually unclear.
    Likes: It's hard to tell. She just likes to play.

    Anju (open)

    Age: Undefined
    Personality: She was originally created to be a Legend of Korra/Avatar OC. I originally created her to be one of the people living in the earth kingdom who was awoken as an air bender after harmonic conversion. Prior, she was living on her own as a tailor in a small earth kingdom village. She's very undefined as a character right now.
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  2. I'd be interested in being your writing partner. I like your Legend of Korra & Fullmetal Alchemist fandoms but I'm also up for making our own rp from scratch. Romance, humor, fantasy, sci-fi, smut, magical, insane and horror all sound like good places to start lol. I know that doesn't narrow things down a lot, but I'm up for writing with you if you are
  3. I'm really into Legend of Korra right now. Is there anything in particular that you would want to write about? I'm going to think about some other plots for non-fandoms in the meantime.
  4. I updated with some of my characters I've either used in the past or not all at.
  5. Yo, I was wondering if you would be interested in something pokemon or rune factory.
  6. Yeah, sure. Did you have something specific in mind? Like, what you would like to do in terms of story? Feel free to message me.
  7. I'll do a Kingdom Hearts rp with you
  8. Okay! Send me a message with any ideas you have and we'll go from there.
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