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  1. Words of a Madman: Truth or Insanity?

    Some say that you only have one life to live. Well that isn't true. I’m writing this to hopefully open the eyes of everyone else that reads this, to tell you that you have many lives ahead of you and lives you have already experienced. It’s all stored in your soul.

    What I’m trying to tell you is very hard to explain, so keep an open mind. Your soul is sort of like a passenger, here to observe you (the driver) in the current life you are living in. Their minds are ever expanding with knowledge from every life. Your personality comes from them, and then develops differently due to the events that happen and how you react to them.

    How do I know all this? I am able to talk to them. Not my own but with others that are not in a human body.

    -The Beginning-
    It all started when I was just a little boy. My imaginary friend turned out to be my spirit guide. She was surprised I could actually hear her. From there she told me almost everything I wanted to know. Their jobs are to protect us, but only once they have enough life experience. Every human on earth is just a spirit that is trying to grow in order to be the next guides.

    -Wing System-
    They earn wings, starting with gray and working their way up to the purest of white as the highest rank. Any spirit that wishes to be a guide needs to at least have gray wings, showing they have the experience and will follow the rules.

    Gray – Gray/Purple Tips – Purple – Purple/Gold Tips – Gold – Gold/White tips – White – Pure White

    -Spirit Life and New Spirits-
    Spirits do have a life of their own in their realm. With no definite form, they choose how they wish to look like, sound like, and what sex they are. They date other spirits, and can even have children which is how new spirits are born. They don’t name themselves like we do. Instead the ones they know are just thoughts in their head. They talk through images amongst themselves, but know when to use words when guiding us through life for the few that can hear them.

    -Totems and Cores-
    Each spirit has an animal that bases their personalities (a totem), and a core that they are born with. It can be absolutely anything; rage, lust, courage, evil, joy, playfulness, maternal instincts, etc. However, every spirit has a secondary core that is love. So a core of evil will conflict with their second core and be an eternal internal struggle with them.

    There are humans that can make spirits at will, controlling their appearance, age, sex, and totem, with a core that will develop from their first experiences while still having the second core made of love. This power is given to humans that are sensitive to the supernatural, and who will make good use of it. Typically these Mothers are female, although some males have been granted the power as well.

    The rest of this man’s writing has been lost.
    This is portion of writing from a man in the late 1800's. It was found in 2009 and posted online by the college student that found it. It grew in popularity, soon becoming one of the most talked about things for about a year. Most people thought he was insane, others were afraid to show they agreed with it due to word getting around from disagreements ending in violence. The government quickly came in and subdued the fights, telling people it was joke and should be considered as such.​
    But what if what this guy said was true?​
    Ever since then there had been random disappearances throughout the world, seemingly having no connection with each other until someone pointed it out. They were all supposedly sensitive to the supernatural, had multiple imaginary friends, and were all females.​

    I'm checking to see how many people are interested in this idea before I post it up for an actual RP, and I need help in completing it. So I thought I'd turn to you guys, the ones taking the time to read this and are interested in what I have so far. I was thinking that these disappearances are due to an organization/government organization to use them for creating any kind of person they want. They would have created technology to eject a spirit from a body so another can occupy it.​
    Just toss ideas out, I want to hear them all.​
    Mothers- Only 3, first come first served. Can see and hear the spirits.​
    Spirits- Undetermined​
    Other- Anyone that is not a spirit or a Mother. They can still be sensitive to the supernatural if you wish (so they can see or hear a spirit), but will not have the ability to create a spirit at will.​
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  2. The government disappearance is interesting but it kinda almost feels like it doesn't fit. Keeping at an organization would probably be best. What other kind of details are you looking for?
    I might join and I have a perfect character too if I do. She would best fit as a mother or a spirit.
  3. Interesting!
    I'm going to keep my eye on this.

    But why does the world react so passionately? Why don't they just write it off as another internet lunatic?
    And how do the wings change color? Is it gradual, do they just suddenly shift, or do the spirits grow new wings each time?