Consperacy theories?

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  1. I know I love to hear new ones seriouse or not. Like one of my fave ones is that the creeper smily face plans to rule the world and every time we use it we make it a little stronger!....I have quite a few odd theories and feeling likes striped off duty when you have a wad of ones in you wallet....solo anyways~ I'd love to hear others theorise~ (also sorry if there are any typos I used my iPod to type this. ^_^; )

    It's true. It's truuuuuuue.

    ...My mom used to think Deviled Chicken was made by real devils.
  3. Project Blue Beam! NASA is against us! They are trying to form the antichrist and for a New Age religion! Then something about different steps and a space show -nods-
  4. When you take a picture with a camera it steals your soul!

    Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen and the Holocaust never happened.

    The 2004 Indian ocean tsunami was really a result of Indian nuclear testing aided by the Israeli and American government.

    The landing on the moon was a hoax.

    The American government is storing plastic coffins and building concentration camps for the mass slaughter of its citizens.

    The American and South Korean troop's training exercises are really preparation to invade North Korea.

    Japan is hoarding alien technology and used it to advance their technology. (And America, too)

    Cthulhu is real and not just from a fictional story.
  5. OOooh I'm liking these~
    I totaly believe the education
    The NASA makes me think of that thing about the supposed secret society that all the famouse people are in. (I'll have to ask my brother latter he told me about it.} It's the Luma-something
    Oh how about the one where we have actually had the technology to have fuel efficient cars, like ones that can go eighty miles on a single tank of gas! They are aparently special order cars they use for road tests and certain car delierships with conections can get. True story told to me by my English professor, her firend mistakingly got one when she orderd a car from a dealership.

    My dad believes that the hospitals, construction worker and funeral parlors are all working together to create business.

    I believe birds suicide bomb cars and peoples hands outside of said cars because they want revenge for their feathery cousins. (Got this when a black bird flew into to my brothers hand when he stuck it out the window to wave at someone while we were driving. Just that morning he had shot a lot of black birds....REVENGE!!!)
  6. I believe the bird one and you're thinking of the Illuminati. XD
  7. Ah! Now I know why I connected it to the bad guy from Sherlock Holmes. Professor Moriarty
  8. The CIA and FBI have their fingers in a lot of middle eastern governments, and japan and korea were technologically boosted to keep china in check.

    Oh wait, that's the fucking truth!
  9. I believe that alien werewolves from South America are coming into the US through Mexico and fertilizing our eggs.
  10. Which eggs, chicken eggs or chicks?
  11. Or is it ducks...Or evil Geese....Geese are evil little, scary hissy things...Not that I'm freaked out by them or anything...*whispers* they are eeeeevil!Man everyone is coming up with some good ones~