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My friends and I have been building a mid-fantasy world for some time now. In addition to that, I have been putting together and testing a simple dice system to ground the action during combat.

The world is strongly influenced by my study of history. It is also a work-in-progress with plenty of opportunity for players to help in creating content. We consider it to be a living world with plenty of depth.

The players would begin as adventurers in one of the larger guilds in a port city. There will be an extended time for acclimating the players to the world with minor quests before the main story kicks off. Once it does, the players will be caught up in a war between two of the most dominant nations on the continent.

Magic is present but is tightly regulated within the world. On top of that, I would like the player characters to be of limited power. I am happy to help them build characters that have strengths but this is not a game for one-man-armies and nobody will be playing a powerful mage of any kind initially. This is much more a drama of the everyman caught up in events much greater than themselves.

This story arc will tie into an existing adventure set after the war, which I am currently running with friends on another medium.

I am new to this forum and am still learning how things work. Please feel free to give me pointers in making this role play happen without pissing off some moderators. If there is interest, then I will begin constructing the world for you.
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