Condemned by my own parents

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  1. When I woke up this morning, I thought I had a reasonable $36,000 in student debt. Now, I find out it's $96,000 after learning my parents took out massive loans on my ass which I will NEVER be able to repay.

    What's worse, I'm an atheist who's positively phobic of the endless nonexistence waiting for me when I die. So much so that I decided to go in for cryonics at the age of 24. Now that I know I can't make the payments, the old fears are raising their heads again and I'm having a total meltdown. HELP!
  2. Is there a program that can give you loan forgivment there?
  3. Maybe for the original 36K, but I think what mom did was private loan, where I'm well and truly fucked
  4. What do you mean they took out massive loans on your ass?

    Do you mean they took the loan in your name?

    Cause if it's that, and you haven't given them express rights to sign in your stead you need to not be here. There is laws for that sort of thing happening, also you may want to contact creditors, and the receivables department of wherever the loan came from. You need to be at an attorneys office seeing if theres any way to get the loans to be transfered over to their credit. Cause I'm fairly sure out of the shit I've seen where family members have taken out loans with the credit of other people those have usually been shut down. (also, the attorney will more than likely charge you for their time.)

    Butttttt if you did give them the rights to do that, well
    I guess you are fucked
    sorry about that.

    Edit: Also, if you do decide to go through with the legal front of this one of the big things you need to not do is. DO NOT MAKE ANY INSTALLMENTS TO THE LOAN. If you do that, there is proof that you are accepting responsibility of the loan. It's the exact same reason people go back into poverty after coming out of a class ...9? bankruptcy, they try to pay that debt and suddenly it's back on their credit score.

    Of course, I'm not a lawyer so if your attorney says something different then they are someone to be listened to over me.
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