Concerning Battle RP's (A question to the community)



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ALright, well. tell me if I'm wrogn, but everyone wants to win when they have a player versus player fight in an RPG right? i mean, NPC characters controlled solely by yourself can onyl do so much, soa one on one fight every once in awhile is a welcoem change of pace. so to be blunt, I'm complaining abotu BAttle RP's. but to be complex, I'm voicing a concern that i might be god-moding when i play battle RP's myself.

So here is the background of this complaint.

THe last fight i was in, I won, hands down, no contest, it was a magic and brawl fight in an arena, nothign too brutal, but it ended in seventeen posts total. (This wasn';t on iwaku, to clarify)

I feel liek the guy gave up. He posted soem good stuff, but when i dodged a few times, mentioning that his stamina was already suffering byt eh third post ( epic dodging comes at its price, it was only fair) he started to back off, rather than advance with a follow up of some sort,

I had read this guys posts, he was a sub-Mod. this was about a year and ahalf back on soem sight whose name was so benign i had saved it as a favorite insteade fo memorizing it. THE GUY WAS A PROFFESIONAL RP fighter.

SO i ask you... am i beign unfair thinking a battle should last thirty or forty posts. it was the only thing goign on, it was a one on one thread. so.. i dunno, i guess i'm sayign i want to do soem battle RP's int eh near future, but i don't wanna go into it the same way i did before, wanting different results if i am beign an unintentional ass about it >_<


Well... personally, I wouldn't put a number on how many posts it takes to do a battle scene. XD This is prolly cause when I'm roleplaying it's not about the fight scenes and who gets to win, but how it's going to affect the story as a whole.

So when I do come to a fight scene, we're usually thinking about "what out come would be the most awesome for the story?" Like, if it's early in the RP bad guy PCs get to win a lot, cause it makes the Heroes struggle way more epic when they finally -do- succeed near end of the rp. We'd decide a head of time who is gonna win that battle, and then make the battle awesome!

PLUS, it'd depend a lot on how your posting style is too, for how many posts it could take. Cause quickfire posters (one to five lines) would need a lot more posts to complete a scene compared to longer posters (several paragraphs).
good point, actually. I thought i made it cool whent eh arena broke apart into islands held together with chains and wrought iron spikes.... btu i digress from situational such things.

My REAL complaint is that it seems Nobody has matched my stamina... then again, I haven't been on a RP forum longer than I've been on iwaku. every other site has too much dice rolling, or not enough participation.
For a quickfire RP themed on arena-style battle I would think 10 posts each is enough. On the few combat RPs I've done that's enough to make it exciting without the readers getting bored.

As for one-on-one, I've never tried it. Although in the Mythos RPs the epic duels are usually about 5 posts each because we pad it out with flashbacks, dialogue and over-dramatics.

So I guess I wouldn't match up to your "stamina". By the time it got to the 15th post I'd want the story to go somewhere else.
It works out better to discuss who should win ahead of time, so that the story can continue on effectively. In terms of combat based RPs, I've used the Wushu system with some success but it is a system that some people love and some dislike. It's less focused on dice rolls, but still has them to a limited extent so you can flair up the drama llamas in the post.
Hmmm all very good points. I think I have a godo handle on how to continue this sort of thing in the future now ^_^ see? men ask direction! :D
This is prolly cause when I'm roleplaying it's not about the fight scenes and who gets to win, but how it's going to affect the story as a whole.

I'm like this... but with the addendum that I like to have "cool stuff" happen before the fight ends, and that includes what the opposing character does. I like for my opponents to show off and get clever so long as they don't attempt this at the expense of my characterization.

It's similar to the way some of my favorite boss battles in video games involve stylish, powerful villains that come across as intimidating yet can still be beaten.
hmm again, good point. i guess i've been one-track minded about my battle fighting. mroe story less competition. i like, i like ^_^