Compliment the Member Above You

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Rules As Follows:

Give the member above you a compliment.

Dear Iwaku, you always make robots like myself smile.
I think robots are cool so you that makes you cool!
You are my sun when the night starts in sweden ^^
You are someone who can become a great knight to protect the one she loves.
You are a wonderfull human recogniser xD
You post a lot and that is awesome.
Has excellent taste in video game quotes.
Always with kind words and beautiful smile to encourage me!
You are my adorable surrogate little sister.
Sweet girl with a large heart, gentle, wonderfully mad and outgoing.
We've been friends for a relatively short amount of time and you've already been such a good one.
You have interesting jumps in logic, you're polite, and though I've not seen much, you seem like a pretty good writer. :3