Compliment the Member Above You

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Iwaku, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Rules As Follows:

    Give the member above you a compliment.

    Dear Iwaku, you always make robots like myself smile.
  2. I think robots are cool so you that makes you cool!
  3. You are my sun when the night starts in sweden ^^
  4. You are someone who can become a great knight to protect the one she loves.
  5. You are a wonderfull human recogniser xD
  6. Your wonderful yuri maker. *Winks playfully*
  7. You post a lot and that is awesome.
  8. You are one BAD-ASS moderator!
  9. Myrniinii, you're such a sweet and noble person :3
  10. Kind, Knowledgeable moderator who is awesome =)
  11. Has excellent taste in video game quotes.
  12. A sweetheart and my brother I think. .
  13. You have lots of good energy and effort!
  14. Always with kind words and beautiful smile to encourage me!
  15. Someone I think is very nice. ^^
  16. You are my adorable surrogate little sister.
  17. You are my hopeless romantic brother! ^^
  18. Sweet girl with a large heart, gentle, wonderfully mad and outgoing.
  19. We've been friends for a relatively short amount of time and you've already been such a good one.
  20. You have interesting jumps in logic, you're polite, and though I've not seen much, you seem like a pretty good writer. :3