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  1. This thread is dedicated to compiling information from role-plays, specifically one on ones, that Tarot is in.
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  2. G o l d e n - C a l i b e r
    L i k y - x - T a r o t

    • [ Tasha ]
      Tasha is a twenty-six year old human who has, in the year that she has been aboard the Golden Caliber, rose to first mate. Previously she was apart of the Royal Navy, but after some event, she had deserted.

      Tasha's father was apart of the Royal Navy but died in service with full honors. She had no more known family as her mother had died when she was very young. So, to follow in her father's footsteps and because she believed in the honor and protecting people, she joined the Royal Navy. After being apart of the navy, Tasha was able to identify corruption. One day she was given an order to fire upon a civilian ship and she refused. After that she was arrested and was court martialed. As an example to the other officers, she was to hang until death. Then Lady came and rescued her.

      [ Lady ]
      Lady is a cambion of sorts, the only fact that she knows is that her mother was a succubus, she doesn't know her father. Even though she is a pirate, she believes that charisma is a very important thing to have. She is six feet tall, and is slender but still possess curves. People jest that she is part berserker because of her frenzy-like state once battle begins.

      Lady is really good at aerial combat, as a child she had heard of stories of winged creatures who were able to do many feats. She also saw many circuses and admired the aerial stunts and acrobatics. So Lady took it upon herself to train. It was very difficult at first but after time became a novice in it. Though other people could out maneuver her, she is fairly skilled at it and can take on many enemies in the air.

      Even though Lady is a pirate, she is still very religious. She prays to the Gods, especially the Goddess of the sea, to keep her crew and her safe.

      Lady's mother was a prostitute in the port town of Solumina. After birth Lady was given to an orphanage and after some unfortunate events, she became a street urchin.

      After a friend, Euri, of Lady's died, Lady was going to give up piracy but before she would do that she would get back at the Royal Navy and land an attack at one of their forts. When she arrived there, there were only a handful of officers and a women about to be hung. Thinking the woman was a pirate, Lady quickly defeated the officers and prevented the hanging. The woman's name was Tasha. At first Lady was a little wary of Tasha because she had previously been in the Royal Navy, her enemy. Lady kept an eye on her at all times. She often corrected mistakes that were made and didn't give her too much of a chance, but Lady noticed how hard of a worker Tasha was and that she was dedicated to the job. Lady then started to respect Tasha, and even gained an interest in her.

      Captain's Quarters

    • [ Souma ]
      Souma is a Wildcat, a species of anthropomorphic felines, and specifically he is a Pantherinae. Souma is the quartermaster on the Golden Caliber and has known Lady before she had become a pirate. Lady and Souma are particularly close friends.

      [ Mr White ]
      Mr White is the person who is in charge of keeping track of the supplies on the ship. He knows what comes in and goes out. He also has to be able to, when asked, tell what supplies are available for a given situation. Mr White is in charge of a small group of pirates who he supervises.

      [ Mr Maynard ]
      One of the pirates that Mr White supervises.

      [ Harvey ]
      The person in charge of the "wings". The wings were an aerial tactical group that took flight in any battle. Their main goal is to prevent the crew members from falling into the sea.

      [ Surgeon ]
      The surgeon on the ship is known as Surgeon. Rarely does he mention his name to anyone, that is a luxury that many people didn't have. He studied intensely for eight years in one of the most prestigious medical schools. He is very dedicated to his task and doesn't stray from it.

      [ Daughtry ]
      A mage aboard the Golden Caliber.

      [ Hound ]
      Hound is a werewolf about the Golden Caliber, he was young, approximately seventeen in human years. Hound is the cook aboard the ship and he is quite appreciated for his skill.

      [ Miss Fox ]

      [ Miss Fuentes ]

      [ Holcomb ]

      [ Shaw ]

      [ Sandra ]
      Sandra was previously a rival of Lady's but then they had come to an understanding and knew that by helping each other out, they got something that they wanted out of it. Sandra is the ship's biologist.

      [ Euri ]
      The close friend of Souma and Lady who was killed by the Royal Navy.

    • [ Captain Harverds ]
      One of the most notorious pirate captains.

      [ Boniface ]
      A Raccoon man who is the head of the black market in Port Jadale

    • [ Golden Caliber ]
      Lady's Galleon that she stole from the Royal Navy.

      [ HMS Longsword ]
      A ship that belongs to the Royal Navy.

      [ HMS Tempest ]
      The naval ship that Tasha was apart of until she deserted.

    • [ Port Jadale ]
      An Arabic port.

    • [ Storm Harpies ]
      Storm harpies only appear when there is white lightning, which only occurs in certain parts of the world. These harpies have very sharp claws and teeth and are known to snatch people up and attack them or drop them into the sea. For the most part storm harpies are mindless creatures but there is one thing that they do that humanizes them a little bit, they make jewelry which signifies their rank.

      [ Mermaids ]
      Mermaids were beautiful creatures, however, they were very violent. Some mermaids had the ability to enchant men with their songs, which drew them towards the mermaids. Once someone was in the water they were good as gone. Mermaids were fast swimmers, had sharp nails and teeth. These creatures are unintelligent and chaotic and would fight among themselves in order to obtain something.

    • [ Bane of the Sea ]
      A title given to the women of the Golden Caliber.

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