Community Poll: How did the JUMPIN/GROUP RP/1x1 categories work for you?

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How did the current category structure work for you?

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It's TIME! We've had the current Roleplay Area structure for about a month now. That should've been ample enough time to get past the newness and see how it actually functioned.

You can now vote on the poll and let us know how it worked out for you.

Let us know what you LIKED about it AS WELL AS Letting us know what you DON'T LIKE about it.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to list those as well.

We'll be closing this poll on Halloween and making a final decision from there.
The current version works out OK. Not too many kinks to the system, so I can't really complain about it too much. However, I prefer the genera systems a little more.
I have to admit, I also miss the Genre categories. D: I think keeping the 1x1 and the Jump In categories is super important though. That has been a HUGE plus. It's been nice being able to actually SEE and FIND the Jump Ins.
I'm new, so I don't know what the old system was like, but having things sectioned off into 1x1 and jump-in is awesome in my book. I do see how genre sections could be nice, too, though.
I do agree that keeping Jump Ins and Solo games being separate from the group RPs.
As with the above. Love 1x1/Jump-ins, miss the Genres.
I see where this is going... it's gonna mean a lot of boards....

I think options to consider are bringing back Genres and moving the Roleplay Vault into Roleplay Basics, and Insanity into General, as sub-boards.

*gets fired by Homac*


*realises there's less and less people who get that joke*


*realises he hasn't really answered the question*

*Fires Asmo, wearing a Homac mask*
Oh Asmo, you made me chuckle.
I think that the consensus so far is very similar to my own opinions.
I think it looks neater and cleaner to have the group roleplays broken into genre.
I think, keeping group rp's in genres, and the 1x1 / jumpins in two separate categories would be best.

Personally, I like the actual layout, since I don't pick RPs by genre- I skim at what's on offer, and if it looks appealing, I go for it, regardless of what genre is it in.

But, since apparently most people isn't like me, I think it may be best to have Group RPs divided in Genres, but leave all 1x1 together in one forum, and all jumpins together in another. 1x1 are usually arranged in a more personal way, so it doesn't really matter which genre they are- both players know, and it's none of anybodyelses's business. Jumpins are more sort of free-spirited, and since these are not as common as normal group rp's, it would be nice to have them all together. Knowing if it's a jump-in or not is more important to me than knowing its genre, when I'm browsing the lists.
I like having Genre's seperated. I remember back when it first came about I had expressed issues regarding filtering it by genre. Honestly I still think that the system now would work if you had sub forums breaking it up by genre. Sure having it open now is nice for those who just skim but if I am looking for something in particular it's a pain.

So keep the 1x1 and jump in but bring the genre back in some form another.
I wasn't here at the time that it had genre's, but I'll be honest, I like that idea way better.
It seems more organized, and sounds easier to find the type you're more interested in, as well as finding players who are looking for what you have, instead of all jumbled together, where you have to look around.

The current one is what I'm used to, and joined with. I like how they're separated into what they are, like jump-ins and such, but I'd much prefer genre's.
I'm curious. Would people want the OOCs that are currently taking players separated by genres?
Ocha: I think that would rather nice, actually... I mean, the sub thingie next to the titles only help to a degree. After awhile, everything just seems to jumble up and makes it harder to find everything. ee;
I'd like to thank everyone for their comments and their patience in helping is work out these new systems! :D It's all been VERY helpful having this chance to test it out and get feedback.

We are going to go with a mix of the current structure and Genres. Keeping the jump ins and one[x]one sections, but returning the group RPs to genre sections.

We are also debating separating the OOCs by genre forums, but we are still working on a system for that. (There are a few problems with it that has to be discussed/addressed) We may post a poll for it in the near future. :D