Community News 16/02/2014 - I wanna be a millionare.

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  1. Hey all you dynamic boys and girls! Your badmin Vay here with a few updates.

    Holy moly that's a lot of smilies!

    Yes that's right if you click the smiling faace abother the post box you'll get a whole lot more to choose from than you're used to irritate me with and get yourselves banned! :marsrover:

    Okay maybe some of them are kinda cute... :female:

    Just don't overuse them, words say a lot more about you than canned pictures after all!:flyingspaghetti:

    Warning, changes ahead.

    Before you all start running around in panic and bumping into each other there will be new roleplay categories coming up to make placing your RPs in the right one easier! You have been warned.


    We're almost at ONE MILLION posts. That's a lot O___O. It posts take an average of half an hour to write that's over 64 YEARS to write them all. Sure a lot of posts don't take that long but it helps to put hings in perspective. This couldn't happen without long-term and dedicated members and a caring and supportive community so pat yourselves on the back! Do we have a smilie for that?


    Close enough! ^^
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  2. As hinted about in this announcements, THE NEW GENRE CATEGORIES ARE LIVE.

    Realistic is now Modern because members got confused and intimidated by the word "Realistic". o_o; All HISTORICAL roleplays have been moved to Miscellaneous.

    NEW is the Modern Fantasy section for all of your magical and supernatural modern roleplays! Now they will no longer be mixed up in Fantasy or lost in Misc.

    AND the Fandom section for all of your fanbased roleplays! All fanbased roleplays we could find have been moved to this section.

    There is a chance we accidentally moved your roleplay to the wrong section, or have NOT moved your roleplay to the RIGHT section cause we had no idea what your genre was. D: If you need a roleplay moved, just contact any mod online you see and they'll take care of that for you. <3

    As second update, the style has been tweaked to make up for these new forum additions. >> If you're having COLOR or Responsive design issues, please report those in this special BUG THREAD.
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