Community News 1.15.14: Damn you and your American date shorthand.

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  1. Welcome to another weekly community update. Diana is beign a woman so it falls to me to write it this week. May Sajuuk have mercy when placing you in your next life...
    Just need to run over a few new things you may have noticed.

    The new Text Editor box.
    When first seeing this remember the cover of an infinitely useful and universally famous travel guide. DON'T PANIC. As part of a routine site updates the text box you get when making posts is a little different but it still (hopefully) works and personally I find the buttons easier to read at a glance so YES an update to the box that is actually useful!

    We are now offering to display offsite banners.
    In case you missed the announcement we are offering to show offsite banners for a small fee. All of this money will go towards the costs of running one of the biggest RP forums on the internet. Please see this page for more details.

    Forum decorum.
    While being proud of the forum you've helped build and contributed many hours of often frustrating creative work towards we don't like seeing people trash talking other forums whose members have put just as much word and passion towards making them whatit is. Don't do it.
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  2. Ooh, new buttons~

  3. This color palette ; 3;


    I can be lazy again and not have to type font bbcodes and hunt down hex charts!

    *thumbs up at the new Editor Box*
  4. Helllllooo, we're the Iwaku staff. We make fancy buttons so you don't have too.
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  5. While this new test editor is cleaner and nicer to look at I have on major problem.

    I write all my posts off aite in a word document as I imagine a lot of people do. I do this so I can work on posts without the worries of site crash or accidental posting. The only problem is that I do this on a tablet whih means that I can jo longer copy --> pasta a post due to the lack of a 'ctrl' or 'cmnd' key.

    So yeah, love it and hate it. Please helpz.
  6. Have you tired the paste as text icon in the first box on the lefthand side near the font family text?
  7. I have tried that and it just tells me that paste is set to plain text until I toggle it off. :c
  8. I don't see the difference.

    And if you are using an apple tablet, you can still copy paste. Highlight all the text, and it should say COPY. Double tapping anywhere it should say PASTE.

    If not, ask for a refund or admit you can't use technology.
    It's similar for android tablets.
  9. [​IMG]
    Android forever will be superior to Apple, greedy scumbags!

    It's fixed now. IDK what happened but I can do all the copy pasta in the world now. Thanks for whatever you did peoples!