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  1. Hello everyone!

    On Iwaku, we have some really cool stuffs you don't normally find on other Roleplay forums like blogs and the following feature (cause let's be real, we all watch that one person O___O). So one of my favorite features on Iwaku is the Groups which we have many of, from fandoms to activities to self help, etc. With that being said, you lot should be in the loop of Iwaku's Creative Groups which can have resources, experience and at times, showcases. If by chance you create or find one that is not on the list, please tell a Staff member so this thread is updated ASAP. So here's a list of Iwaku's current groups that you should join!

    The Artist of Iwaku Group Here you can find tutorials on things from CGI, anatomy, mediums and more.

    The Graphic Artist Club Here are resources for those who enjoy sig/avatar/banner/layout/etc making.

    The Iwaku Art Shop Need a character drawn or a world brought to life? Or want to show off your skills? Get yourself in here and work together with other Iwaku members! (Note: All Artists who take requests do it for free)

    The Musicians of Iwaku Musicians need love too and a place to bond!

    The Writer's Club Long ago, stories were told through drawings and than letters were made! Yay!

    The Knitty Knotty Group We're all creative in unique ways. Some are crafty with a pair of scissors and a glue gun and well, we do like to see pretty purses and keychains!

    Crafty Crafters Crafts are totally an art. In this group, folks create art from scraps and other stuff that most would label as 'junk'. It's fun AND Thrifty!
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