Commitment-Fearing User Joins Roleplay Forum—Results Mayn’t Shock You!!


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Hello hello! I’m writing this intro while I’m separated enough from my inhibitions to do it!

I’m Nuci. Nice to meetcha. I’ve been rping on and off for some years but have never gotten far with threads/sessions/what-have-you because, well, I tend to wig out and quit after a while. Pretending to be someone else is a lot of fun, though, and I’m hoping that with enough practice I can become the collaborative writer I wanna be.

Hey, thanks for reading! Here is my favorite fish-related meme.

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Jessica Stansell

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sometimes both i guess..i like making up my own scenes in some cases but i like playing scenes that others make too
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anime and modern mostly
but fine with any genre i guess
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i'm particually fine with every role play type
just some i'm more used to than others
Nice to meet you too.
Welcome to Iwaku Nuci^^
I'm Jessica^^