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  1. Hey! Quite thinking of something and to pass my time you can do some commissions like Your avatars or maybe scenes from role plays but you are only to request two scenes =A=.

    Soo just give me a small description of your character. Only in Cartoon or Anime. And you can send me a general picture of how he/she looks like so I can work on it if you like!

    Some examples how I draw..

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Subject Type: Human
    Age: 15 (if it helps)
    Gender: Female
    Subject Appearance: Slightly taller than most, light beige skin, one brown eye and one yellow eye, dark red hair in a ponytail, (not freakishly) long fingers, solemn expression
    Subject Clothing: Black top hat, brown suit with matching pants and dark blue tie, black ankle-length coat, brown dress shoes
    Anime or Cartoon: Whatever's easier for you

    Is this all right?
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  3. OK! ^^ Thanks.
  4. Hmmm... let's give it a little shot. I do need an artist's depiction of a certain character in a certain story.

    Subject: Human
    Description: about 1.81 metres in height. Large bust, F-cup. Curvacious. Fair skin. Long, straight, medium-green hair.
    Outfit: Strapless black-and-green bikini top. Bottoms are black hotpants with green bikini bottom straps sticking out from the sides. She wears green-coloured sunglasses over her red eyes.
    Style: Anime
  5. @Professor Objection
    Well since I can't send it to you in pm I tag you and paste it here.
    I think I got it right... well here she is..

    I think I got it right... well here she is... (open)
  6. She looks even better than I imagined! Thank you!
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  7. Hehe you're welcome ^^
  8. Well if it doesn't bother you to draw.....
    Name: Gogi
    Species: Kind of a mouse/fox/squirrel mix
    Color: He's colored like the cosmos, and has beautiful bright whitish eyes
    Style: Anime
    Extra: He's always saying "Boss!" or "Gotcha!" Always following orders.
  9. Subject Type: Human
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Subject Appearance: Brown, short cut hair, angled slightly. Brown eyes.
    Subject Clothing: Red leather jacket-- dark red. Dark green Cargo pants, a headband that is black. Maybe a lightsaber at her hip?
    Anime or Cartoon: Easiest for ya!

  10. Species : Human

    Age : 15

    Gender : Female

    Apperance : Light pink hair (shoulder length), dark pink eyes, pink nail polish

    Attire : Blue long-sleeve sweatshirt red skirt

    If you wouldn't mind having it in the anime style, please :)
  11. OK! I'll be doing them in Christmas break since im busy today with my term exams ^^
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  12. Thank you very much, Candid~
  13. These are absolutely lovely! I hope you don't mind me snatching one up x3 And if you need any more info let me know! I tried to give everything I thought you may need~

    Style: Anime
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Hair color and style: Dirty blonde, left down and about to her shoulder blades
    Eye color: A light sky blue I suppose
    Show Spoiler

    Completion: Clear skin, a tad pale
    Attire: Dark green pants and a long sleeve black shirt with a brown jacket, all very loose fitting (so don't worry about body shape XD) (and yes, I kinda stole this idea from Hunger Games <.<). As for shoes, most any kind of flat boot would be good!
  14. Style: Like picture 2, please?
    Age: 20 but looks about 14
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Short purple or red hair (to chin)
    Bluish-green eyes or gray
    Small boobs
    Like 4 freckles where the nose is
    Clothes: A hoodie that is too long and skinny jeans. Purple high tops. Black box frame glasses.
  15. Subject Type: Human
    Age: Late twenties
    Gender: Male
    Subject Appearance: Very tall, somewhat muscular figure with a pale complexion. Light blond hair, very thick, (almost like a lion's mane), with long bangs that almost completely obscure the left eye. Eyebrows are black and eyes are a dark, dark shade of blue. Generally handsome features, with some small scars on his hands & face. If you could give him sort of a grumpy expression like a scowl or something, that would be awesome. c;
    Subject Clothing: Black trench coat (about knee-length), black pants, black boots (almost knee-high), black collared dress shirt, and a silver ruby ring on the ring finger of his left hand.
    Anime or Cartoon: However you did the first commission, please. ~

    reference yay (open)
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    Sorry but i might have to stop the request for awhile so I can start with the first 7 request on Christmas break and hopefully start accepting request again after i finished them ^^;
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