~~ Comings and Goings ~~

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  1. A one x one roleplay between DragonFist1988 and I! :)
    Setting: A kingdom named once renowned for justice, peace and prosperity has descended into lawlessness and crime.

    Demons and humans co-exist, though not particularly peacefully. Spirits are able to exist here, often to stay by the one's they love. However, adventurers and mercenaries are called into the adventurers guild in the capital, in order to increase revenue and help bring back order.

    The mercenaries or adventurers who garner the most respect and funds are then rewarded, a single wish each which will be fulfilled. The wish could be anything: to be alive and well, money, a family, the return of a loved one. Anything.

    Magic is rare but still occurring in these realms. The users of such magics are usually outcasts as evil or worse, along with demons and half demons.

    Question is:

    Do you have what it takes to get your wish fulfilled? Find out in:

    Comings and Goings
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  2. Va watched from the side streets, watching the tired civilians trudge their way to the fields. The land was poor and people were starving. She was here to help change that, she hoped at least. The Guild had issued a contest of sorts, to help bring in revenue and alleviate the attacks and suffering of the whole country.
    She neared the guild as the sun reached its pinnacle in the sky. It was noon and Va hoped that the sun would not get harsher today, she didn't fancy the thought of baking in her armor.
    She just hoped she could find someone to team up with at some point, she didn't fancy going solo into dangerous places.
  3. It 2 was walking around the forest that she calls home. She wondered how long it has been since she got to this world. She looked up at the sky and saw some birds flying crossed. She got to a small river that see have not seen before. "Well you fine new stuff every day." She said to herself as she walked to the river. She looked in it and saw that there was no water to be found. She looked around and the looked at the empty lake. She shook her head and remembered that there was a kingdom not to far form the forest. She ran to a cave and grabbed her stuff and headed for the kingdom.
  4. As Va watched the crowd, she had not yet seen any she would take as a partner. They were either aggressive or meek, shy or overly bold. Some carried no weapons, only small knives and she could only smirk and sigh in frustration.
    The sun was getting higher above her head, warmer and warmer as the moments wore on. With a frustrated sigh, she turned the other way and found a fountain, cool in the hot summer day.
    She sat on the edge and took a drink from her canteen and began eating a little of the cheese she had bought at an earlier market.
  5. It 2 entered the kingdom and looked around. "Now who can I find to find out what is going on?" She asked herself as she started to walk thought town. Watching the people going thought the town, she saw a girl. "Maybe she would know something." She thought to herself as she walk up to the girl. "Would you now what is going on in the forest?"
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