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    Siege too! God damn!
  2. I've been following Siege like a hawk.


    Blackest Night? Not so much. I'll read it when it's finished, but...

  4. I personally prefer Walking Dead
  5. Stop being so late, Jinx! But yes, spoiler tags should be used in the future.

    @Seiji: Poor Ares, all he wanted was a bro. But crazy Bob BRO-TRAYED HIM D:
  6. So, I was watching Heathers the Musical last week, and I really wanted to draw my favorite Heather. But, I only have two copic markers so I couldn't color her yellow, instead this happened:



    I'd be posting a picture of Blue Diamond from Steven Universe, but again... I don't have more copic markers (other than Silk - YR000 and Blush - R20) to color that piece, so I hope to order these off brand ones that works just like copic!

    Once again, I'll announce that commissioning is a possibility once I have my iPad Pro ordered.

    I also have an Instagram where I mainly post my art on if you guys want to follow me on there! It's ccc.kouhai​
  7. I really wanted Bucky to use the shield for a little longer, but oh well FUCK YEAR STEVE!

    I really hope they give him a replacement shield, something made of Adamantium so it won't be as IMBA as the original, but have it SHOOT LASERS or something. Or since Bucky doesn't have the POWER OF GEOMETRY, a guiding system would be awesome!
  8. I've only read some DMZ stuff, and like, that shit about vikings up to half of both's issues.

    I dunno, I'm not nerdy enough to read comics, I guess, they don't sell them here and I can't find them on the interbutts

    save me guise?

    also: FUCK YEAR CAP
  10. @Darky: I have every issue of that Northlanders(awesome viking comic book) both soft and hard copies, DMZ I don't read that much but I'm pretty sure I can find almost anything for you lol.

    @Fel: here you go

    Siege #1:
    Siege #2:


    Adventure Comics #8:
    Detective Comics #862:
    Justice League: GAY for Justice #7: (read this so you can RAGE)

    Amazing Spider-Man #623:
    The Invincible Iron Man #24:
    Girl Comics #1:
    Mighty Avengers #34:
    Wolverine Weapon X #11:

    *NOTE: I will try to use Mediafire/Sendspace links for they are not crappy, but if such does not exist, you guys will havta live with megaupload/rapidshare/hotfire etc*

  11. Then get it done.


    I want to get nerdy.
  12. Hmmm comics I'm reading.

    Castle Waiting by Linda Medley (Needs more people to read!)

    Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio (started reading it before it went online, and still buy the books because they're THAT GOOD!)

    Empowered by Adam Warren (Sexy)
  13. Empowered is totally awesome! And sexy! Ninjette's ass <3

    This week's comics were pretty cool, I generally liked the Bat-books and The Last Stand of Krypton is really good so far.

    And then I totally forgot about Marvel. Will catch up this monday.

    @Darkness: I'll compile and upload them as soon as the current arc ends.
  14. Ocha reads Empowered?!

    That's hot! <3

    Fucking LOVING the Krypton books!! It's also really fun to watch Superman get his ass handed to him sometimes.
  15. Siege #3 sneak peak:

    Show Spoiler


    Also, Moonstone's tits! Hot damn!

  16. "Depends on the kind of help she is asking for." Kunari look suspiciously at Victoria, "Princess, do you want a little snack?"

    Victoria instantly turn her attention from John to Kunari, "Snack?"
  17. Adler
    Interaction: Tyler Haak
    Mentioned: Mordred and Otto

    He turned back to the one named Tyler Haak, her question pulling through the air to his mind. "I suppose an answer would not be inappropriate Ms. Haak." He handed Alkura off to Mordred. "Let's go with the abridged version, that knife I see you eyeing held my essence I was not in a physical form and needed one and that knife allowed me to gain one. A caveat to this was that my essence needed to be imparted into someone one of my blood, your dear friend Otto there is my direct blood decedent, I think it's a two hundred and fifty generational difference there..." Adler pondered before looking to Tyler again. "But either way, his life and mine are incredibly similar, Made this easier. Though I was born in Mesopotamia and he in America." Adler mentioned, before he raised a hand up to block a fire ball that flew past Tyler and towards him. "Well looks like he's gotta bit of life in him still!" Adler said with surprise.

    Otto White
    Interaction: Tyler and Adler

    It took some time but he was able to focus on things around him, his smell came back first and the first scent was the smell of a fresh breeze as if it was summer. "Tyler." He thought, he felt the pressure on his back where the wound was. "She's trying to help, putting pressure on the wound. Good." He felt her pulled away as his hearing came back next, he heard Tyler talking to the one who he had encountered in the shadows his voice sounded similar to his but at the same time sounded over layered. His sight returned to him and he saw him, he looked like a corrupted version of him. Pale skin, purple eyes and jet black hair, this angered Otto. He felt his arms move and he started to build up his power slowly in his palms and when it was ready he fired off a fire ball at the one who looked like him. "Gonna steal my appearance you fucker? Can't even get the scars right you pale son of a bitch." Otto spoke to Adler, he got to one knee and slowly rose to stand, he was shaky but standing none the less even with blood running down his back. He looked to Tyler. "It ain't over until I'm dead Tyler." He reassured despite looking like death warmed over and sounding rather unconvincing. "Plus I can't see that pretty face if I die now." It was horrible, cheesy and way out of character for Otto but it was an attempt to make things seem normal before he looked at Adler again. "So were blood huh?" He asked. "Bah, I don't even want to know." He spoke as he weakly built flames up in his hands and was a light once again ready to fight.
  18. "Mommy is a good person. Now go back to your mommy. You are hurting her feelings."
  19. I need my computer back so I could READ MOAR COMICS