Comfort Food

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That food that seems to brighten up the darkest days...

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Comfort food is that one special dish that seems to make your day just a little better. It is usually very filling and doesn't go well with strict diets. My Grandma is from the south. She used to make amazing fried chicken and Biscuits that would make Betty Crocker jealous. When I think of Comfort food, thats what I usually think of.

Although I can't forget that southern fried Chicken my Grandma used to make, I had a friend that made an equally comforting food. It was called "Molletes", A very simple meal that consists of Bread, a type of meat (usually Chicken, beef or pork), beans and cheese. I'm not sure what my friend did to it, but it was beyond amazing as well as very comforting. It's a traditional Mexican meal that her family used to make.

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So whats your comfort food?

This was particularly true in the Navy.

Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches.

Whenever nothing on the mess line looked appetizing I'd grab four slices of bread, peanut butter, and grape jelly, and round it out with a salad.
Mashed potatoes! With lots of butter and salt! I could eat that all day and feel super comfortable.
Popcorn (preferably salty and buttery) or Ben & Jerrys (chocolate chip cookie dough).

Oh my god *_*
Nothing makes me feel more comfortable and like a kid again than a bowl of chicken and rice soup.

However, nothing makes me feel more at home than a basket of hot, steaming sticky rice.


That or a good old-fashioned helping of Checker's fries.
....Reeses on ritz crackers


my famous Pink Sauce and 'hetti.
Bacon. Nuff' said.

Despite the fact it's enough calories to INFLATE A BALLOON, I like putting Cinnamon Toast Crunch in a bowl, and then Cookies and Cream Ice Cream instead of milk.

But potato salad is my number one comfort food that won't cut a year of my life off, per bowl.
What is this... "Pink Sauce and 'hetti" you speak of?

I used to not be able to write out that word, so when I was younger, I only wrote the last part.

It's famous. I'll put up a recipe later.

Katsugi can vouch for it's goodness, as can many of my friends in RL.

Most of the ingredients are easy to find too! Except for Chervil.... which is one of my favorite herbs.... because it's related to basil.... but it's sweeter, in a sense...



Chicken and Dumplings made by gramma does it every time. <3 My sister and I fight over them. >>;
beer. or curry.

or both.

nothing like a burning sensation in your mouth (and later in your arse) to ease lifes worries.

that and alcohols the great equaliser. it makes everyone as stupid as each other.
stumbling, bumbling, puking etc.
FRIED CHICKEN!!!! Next on that list would be chocolate ice cream. ._.; I have actually tried to cry while eating chocolate ice cream and watching a soap opera at the same time; I subsequently ended up laughing.
The cake is a lie.
Pizza with heaps of cheese; there's an Italian place across the street that makes an incredible 4-cheese.
I totally have to say chocolate with this. Because well... I've got days where I just want to lounge in bed, and put on a good movie, stuffing my face with chocolate.

Mmmm, chocolate.
It's not exactly food, but I've said this may time. For me, beer is sanity in a can, when the world gets too overwhelming, I carck open a few brews and suddenly life is a little less shitty.
A giant juicy burger and fries. It's definitely one of my indulgences. I feel that whenever I have an overwhelming stressful week, I always get a juicy burger. It's filling, it's fattening, but it gives me that energy to burn off when I'm constantly working. Not only that, but it's almost like an award I give myself after getting over those rough weeks.