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    (Bold = My Preference )
    ( * = Have a Plot For )
    ( Strike-through = Currently Taken )

    Prince x Princess
    Knight x Princess

    Human x Elf
    Student x Student
    Teacher x Student
    Assassin x Target
    Master x Slave
    Prisoner x Prisoner
    Bodyguard x VIP
    Demon Hunter x Demon

    (Sorry it's short. I'm still working on adding more. ;-;)

    ( * = Have a Plot For )

    Fate Stay Night
    Persona 3
    Persona 4
    League of Legends
    Fire Emblem: Awakening
    Tokyo Ghoul
    Sword Art Online
    Lord of the Rings
    Skyrim/The Elder Scrolls
    Dragon Age (Haven't finished Inquisition)

    ( These are basic ideas I would like to explore. )
    ( I guess these are more topics than settings but you get the idea. )
    ( * = Have a Plot For )

    Historical Fiction
    Medieval Europe
    Medieval Fantasy
    Medieval Japan (Sengoku Era)
    World War I/II

    Modern Fiction
    Slice of Life
    Modern Fantasy
    Post-Apocalyptic (Zombies? :'D)

    Science Fiction
    Interstellar/Space Travel*
    Virtual Reality/Cyberspace

    Still brainstorming new ideas / pairings, keep checking back or PM me if you have something in mind!
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  2. I'll do a slave X master Rp
  3. Sounds great! PM me and we can discuss a plot.
  4. Hello! I have interest in all your plots! They all seem quite interesting. It caught my attention when I read that you're asian. So am I! haha :p
    I had interest in bodyguard x VIP, though I also had interest in your other ideas. If you are still open, please do tell me?
  5. I'm interested in the Prince x Princess pairing!
  6. I've been a little swarmed recently with messages so I'm going to have to hold off on starting any new roleplays until I get around to settling them all. I'll be sure to contact you two if I feel like I can take more role plays but for right now I want to make sure I can handle what I have.

  7. Sent you a PM on this RP.
  8. Bump. Looking for more people to roleplay with now that I've got more free time!
  9. Hey, your League of Legends tag looks very, very appealing to me. Via my icon and name, you might see why. I would love to roleplay such a theme with you.
  10. I'd love to do a League of Legends RP with you. Do you have a pairing that fancies your interest?
  11. Well, I support the many Quinn pairings, though I also have other people I imagine being cute. My top pairings would be Vi/Caitlyn and Quinn/(Talon or Jinx).
  12. I like the sound of this. I'm rather experienced with playing Caitlyn in the Vi/Caitlyn pairing and can also play Talon in a Quinn/Talon pairing. I'm not so good with Jinx, to be honest.

    I'll leave you to decide which you'd ultimately like to do, I think I have plot ideas for the both of them which I can Pm you if you have trouble making the decision.
  13. Of those two, if you could be Talon, that would be the pairing I'd go with. I'm not too experienced with roleplaying Quinn, but I am experienced in playing her.
  14. So TalonxQuinn, then? I can pm you some plot ideas in a bit, then.
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