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  1. Hello! I'm FoolHardyRhyme and I have never done real smut before! Usually I'm just fade to black but lately I've become a little more interested and am looking to try writing it with someone that can walk me through it a little, be patient with me, and is willing to work with me.

    I'm 22, been roleplaying on and off for 10 years or so, give or take.

    I don't really have many "rules" just a couple suggestive guidelines, things to know about me.

    • If you're under 18, there can be NO smut of any kind, and probably no romance.
    • I write anywhere from 1-5 paragraphs, my effort is usually determined by my partners effort
    • I tend to write romance, I just like it alright?
    • I prefer to play men most of the time, though a couple of my pairings I'd like to be the girl
    • I do MxF FxF MxM, I'm up for it all
    • If you message me, talk to me. I'm not going to continually question you to pull out any kind of information. Bring some idea's to the table.
    • Doubling up is awesome (But totes not necessary for Libertine)
    • This one's important: In some of my roleplays, I like to play a few different guys at once, usually all after your character. I don't like to specifically decide who she's going to end up with. I like to just play it out, and see who she decides on throughout the story. It's fun, kinda like a dating game. So anything marked [Harem] means this kind of rp! Any of my current RP's can be made into Harem's, or any Harem can be made into a regular one.

    So if you have any interest in this, shoot me a message and we can talk in more detail about what we're both looking for and the kinds of things we like. I'm also open to other ideas and plots, I've never done this, as I said so I'm kind of a dry well for ideas currently.

    So with that being said, I have a couple of ideas in mind. Bolded is the character I'd prefer to play. Generally I think it should be like 50/50 Smut/Plot, or even 60/40 either way. But something that feels balanced.

    • Mafia Boss x OC
      Mafia Henchmen x OC
      Mafia [Harem] x OC

      Mafia Thoughts
      Muse A is the leader of the most prominent and ruthless gang in New York. Muse B is the daughter of someone who owes the gang a lot of money, she offers to work off his debt, or take his punishment instead of him. She’s taken by the gang and moved into main house. She works in the house for Muse A and the gang. This can either go with a one on one pairing, or I'd like to possibly pursue a harem piece with this.

    • While I do prefer to play men, I do have a couple pairing that's I'd like to play the female I think. I might be persuaded, who knows?

      Looking to play the female opposite a 1950's styled "bosozoku" type character. Kinda like the punk, bad boy, stereotypical Japanese biker thug type. I don't have any real ideas, but I'd like to explore it I think.

    • Walking Dead
      I'd be happy to double.
      Looking for someone to play either Merle or Abraham for me.
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  2. Hey! I'd love to do Mafia thoughts with you :)
  3. Shoot me a PM? We can talk about stuff!
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