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    Hi there! As you can see my name is ChaoticPeace, though you can dub me whatever you'd like. As you can also see I'm looking for a roleplay! Fandoms are preferred at the moment, though I may add in some original ideas later if I think of any ideas that tickle my fancy, so to speak. Feel free to suggest any original ideas at me, though! I may say no but it never hurts to try.

    T a b l e o f c o n t e n t s

    About me




    About me


    So, just the essentials~ Again my name is SepiaDreams, but feel free to give me a more catchy nickname if you so desire. I am a female and under the age of eighteen, for those of you are interested in that. I've been roleplaying since 2011, so roughly four years now. I started roleplaying on a crappy but somehow endearing site called 'Quizilla' and branched out to various other roleplay sites (such as this one) since it's shut down.

    Also, I apologize in advance for any formatting errors - I copied this from another site I'd posted it on, and though I tried to fix what needed fixing I may have missed something.



    So, before we get to the fun part I do have some rules! Here I will separate basic categories for rules and list what I expect from my roleplay partners, and what my roleplay partners can expect from me in regards to each of these rules. I know it seems long, but it isn't as bad as it looks, I promise. But please do take the time to read these! I did write them out for a reason.

    1. Limits

    So I do have some limits. I am not comfortable with smut/lemons, and will not write them, though I can fade to black in necessary. Keep in mind though that that will happen fairly early on in the scene. In light of this rule I've had many people ask me about kissing and make out scenes. Those are fine, but I will not write our sex scenes. I am also only willing to roleplay het pairings, meaning no yaoi or yuri. This may seem like a strange one, but I also do not want paranormal themes (such as ghosts, demons, ect.) in my roleplays. I'm not comfortable with them. However I am fine with swearing, violence and gore, and very dark or otherwise sensitive themes being implied, mentioned, or played depending on exactly what the theme is.

    What I expect from you:
    Please respect my limits. Do not ask me to bent or change the things I am uncomfortable with, as they are non-negotiable. Also, if you are uncomfortable with any of the things I am OK with or have any other limits you feel I should be made aware of please let me know ahead of time so I avoid doing anything you don't like.

    What you can expect from me:
    I will respect your limits, so long as they don't somehow conflict with mine. If you're not OK with gore fine, not OK with dark themes or angst, fine! I'm really not picky with these things, and should be perfectly fine with whatever limits you have. So please just tell me ahead of time so I can respect you and your limits.

    2. Replies (Length, Spelling/Grammar, Time, ect.)

    I like to think of myself as fairly flexible and easy going with this kind of thing, to be honest. Still, I will only do paragraph styled roleplays and do prefer longer replies. I can do multi-paragraph though I don't require it. I don't think I could do a full novel length roleplay. Not as a matter of skill, mind you - I simply don't have the time for one right now, unfortunately. However, I will not accept one liners. I hate one liners. Please don't send them to me.

    What I expect from you:
    I don't require my partners to write long replies, even though they are my preference. Still, I would like at least five lines per reply (per side of the roleplay, that is). Much shorter than that and I will likely ask you to add more to your reply before I respond to it, so be aware of that. Also please don't get angry if I ask yo to add onto your reply, as I have given you fair warning. I'd say my maximum is about 30 lines, even though I may find that a little difficult and it might take me a little longer to reply. I also expect your replies to be legible, and I want you to have a decent grasp of spelling and grammar in the English language. Absolutely no text talk, expect perhaps if a character is texting. Those are really the only strict guidelines I have for this section though. I would like it if my partner could reply at least once every two weeks but I will take a reply whenever. Like honestly even if it's been like two months I'll stills accept the reply. I don't expect the same attitude of you, but I do ask for some patience. Please don't message me about getting your reply or, worse, re-send your reply for at least one full week after sending it though, OK? I honestly don't care what perspective you roleplay in, so knock yourself out with first, third, or even second person if you want to.

    What you can expect from me:
    Ten lines is about the least you'll end up getting from me. I may go a little lower if your replies are perpetually less than that but I have a bit of a hard time doing so. I follow my own rules, of course, and will never send you text speak and I always do my best to write with proper spelling and grammar. I will make mistakes sometimes though, so my replies will not be perfect. I write in third person point of view in my responses. One of my biggest flaws as a roleplayer is likely my response time. I try to respond as much as I can, but I'm busy and forgetful so responces aren't always frequent. Sometimes you may get multiple replies a day and other times it may take much longer. On a general basis though I try to reply at least once a week. I also appreciate reminders if it's been much longer than that as it help me keep track of things.

    3. Playing Characters

    So, obviously, we will both have to play characters. I assume we'd be doubling in the format in which I play my OC and your love interest and you play your OC and my love interest. I'm not picky with side characters, though I do like to include them. We can assign each side character to one person, or we can simply both play them as they're needed. This will really be up to the preference of my partner.

    What I expect from you:
    For love interests, please keep both sides equal - that is, the side of my love interest and the side of your OC. It's only fair, after all. Of course a few lines off is fine but don't make a big dramatic space difference please. Aside from that just please try to keep all of the characters who you play in character. Please tell me if you think I'm playing a character OOC so we can both continue to enjoy the roleplay.

    What you can expect from me:
    Basically the same thing I expect of you. I'll do me best to keep everything even and my characters in character.

    4. OC's and Mary Sues/Gary Stu's

    This honestly isn't a big issue to me. I probably won't be bothered if your OC makes any kind of sense in the fandom universe at all, to be honest.

    What I expect of you:
    Do try to make balanced OC's and play them accordingly. I mean if they have a terrible background make it affect them somehow. For the love of God, though, please research any disorders they may have! Otherwise it gets pretty disrespectful. If you feel that my OC is a sue or makes you cringe at all please let me know so I can fix it. It helps me grow, which makes me happy.

    What you can expect of me:
    I try very hard to make balanced OC's. Granted, some OC's I have are pretty old or a little rushed but I try to balance them well and fit them into their respective universes smoothly. I wont make a big fuss if your OC is a sue unless you ask me to, though I may say something if they're really, really unbalanced.

    5. Communication

    This is more communication about the roleplay than is is OOC chat, for the record. I like to discuss a little bit of plot before starting, but we don't have to if you don't want to.

    What I expect of you:
    Do not just leave me to plan everything out by myself, please. If you're super chill and honestly don't care that's fine, but please, please do not continually disagree with all of my ideas and refuse to pitch in your own. That bothers me to no end, and yes it has happened to me before. Share your ideas with me, ask questions when your confused. It helps things progress smoothly and keeps us on the same page. Also if you want to make any really big plot changes in the story please consult me first. I've had partners make my OC pregnant without letting me know first, and I didn't appreciate that too much. I mean, little twists and turns that I didn't expect are fun and interesting, but if you want to do anything huge please let me know, especially if it concerns my character.

    What you can expect of me:
    I will try to pitch in any ideas I think of, even if they're lame. I do ask questions, sometimes stupid ones, to make sure I know what's going on though, so hopefully I don't annoy you. I will try to add in little twists that you may find interesting, and I won't leave you to write a whole story by yourself, but I will consult you about any major plot ideas.



    Congratulations, weary traveler! You have finally made it to the interesting part of this search! Below I will list all of the fandoms I am interested in roleplaying at the moment in a hopefully organized fashion. I will list my prospective crush(es) for each Do keep in mind that if I only have one crush listed I will not change them. However if I have multiple crushes listed for one fandom than they are negotiable and I will likely be up to play them for you. If my crush is listed as 'varied' than it means I will play anyone for you as my love interests are incredibly varied.

    ♥ = Craving
    ♣ = I have an old OC made for this (May need editing)
    ♦ = I have an OC made for this fandom
    *=Preferred crush


    |♥| Anime |♥|

    ♣ Hetalia (AU only)

    ♦ Persona 4: The Animation

    ♥♦ Meganebu!

    Ouran High School Host Club

    |♣| Television Shows |♣|

    ♦ Hey Arnold!

    ♥ Scorpion

    |♠| Movies |♠|

    ♦ How to Train your Dragon/How to Train your Dragon 2

    ♥♦ Big Hero 6

    ♣ Treasure Planet

    |♦| Books |♦|

    ♦ The Maze Runner

    ♦ Divergent

    |♦| Video Games |♦|

    ♦Super Mario Borthers

    ♦The Legend of Zelda (Just about any)
    |Link||Gihiriahim (SS only)|

    ♦Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
    |Bal Dat||Hurdey/Gurdey||OC|
    |Romance not Required|

    Pokemon (Can take place in multiple regions)

    ♣Bully: The Game/Scholarship Edition

    ♥Harvest Moon: A/Another Wonderful Life
    |Mark* (Male farmer)||OC|

    ♦Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility/Animal Parade

    ♦Harvest Moon: DS/DS Cute
    |Skye||Jack (male farmer)|

    |○| Other |○|



    |Thomas Brodie-Sangster||Varied|



    OK! Hopefully I've caught your interest with this little search thread of mine. If you're interested in one, or even more than one of my fandoms and roleplaying with me in general there are a few ways to let me know. You can comment below, or send me a PM on this site.

    I roleplay in a variety of different places in a variety of different sites. I can roleplay over email, PM, thread, or we can move to a different site entirely if you want.

    Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading~!​
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  2. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. Sorry for the caps just love that movie.
  3. Haha, it's all good. It was a pretty awesome movie ^-^

    PM me and we can work out the details?
  4. Sure thing just give me a few mins and I'll pm
  5. Youtubers roleplay?! Yess ^^
  6. Woo~ PM me and we can work out the details there? ^-^
  7. Hey Darling!
    I'm up for a roleplay! Hit me up in PMs! :)
    <3 <3 <3

    Just... I don't do usually fandoms and I have none in common with you xD Can we work on a original Story? ( maybe even inspired from one of your fandoms if you want?)
  8. I'm still looking~ ^-^
  9. Hello!
    Would you maybe like to do a Hetalia roleplay?
  10. Sure! PM me and we can work out the details? ^-^
  11. Still looking, especially for Big Hero 6 and 5SOS - obviously willing to do other fandoms too, though. ^-^
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