Come one, come all!

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  1. Looking for a couple of RP partners:

    Here’s my plot idea:
    1. HunterXany-fantasy-creature-of-your-choice/human with a bounty or whatevs—hunter meets the hunted, befriends them before finding out that they were supposed to be the one being hunted. Some other stuff ensues, yah know. Like most probably a war or a rebellion or both. This could be on any universe of your choice: modern, fantasy, sci fi and what have you.

    I will accept a MAXIMUM of 2 players for this RP. Just message me or post it up here if you have any suggestions. I can also do a onexone if that’s what you want. I’m very lenient.

    If you are not interested in this RP but still looking for an RP partner, you may also bounce some ideas off me and see what we can work with.

    Now, I don’t like one-liners. If possible, 2-3 paragraphs per post would be appreciated. Although if you’re going to make a one-liner, make it matter. Quality > Quantity

    I can play both male and female. I’m fairly new to RPing on iwaku but I’ve had experience ;)

    Have a great day and may the plot bunnies be with you xD