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  1. Hello there!
    I'm SilverShadow!
    I'm looking for 1x1 role players who are willing to rp as a male.
    I play homosexual males and heterosexual females.
    I avoid one-liners unless I am struggling very badly with writer's block, in which case I will be sure to inform you! I write anywhere from a few sentences to an ten, twelve sentence paragraph, though I tend not to write more than twelve sentences unless I'm being really really into it.

    I have many different interests and ideas... Bold and red are the ones I would like to be...
    Here's a simple breakdown:

    Based on a Movie, TV Show, Or Anime
    (Using the same universe, but our own original characters)
    Fruits Basket

    Kyo Kara Moah
    Hunger Games
    Harry Potter
    Black Butler
    Attack on Titan

    Hunter x Prey (Possible furry prey?)
    Vampire x Slayer
    Hero x Victim

    Submissive x Master
    New Kid x Bully

    1. Sci-fi Action Adventure
    You're a rich man who owns one of the biggest technological industries there are: and there's only 2. Your rival company, Human Tech Incorporated, has just come out with the 'newest' A.I. Android, and the first model is being auctioned off to the highest bidder. You, deciding to figure out exactly how they're AI products are soaring, win the auction for the first model. It's when you get home that you quickly learn... perhaps things aren't exactly what they seem... It turns out the company uses real people, children who's parents were too poor to raise them, so they were sent to the factories. The children are raised through series of tests and electrical implants allowing them to become the best 'AI Android Companions' on the market. They adapt to almost any personality and become the perfect companion. You would report them, but before you can, the hunt begins... You could either give me up, or, protect me until you can reveal the secret... What will you do?

    2. Post-Apocalyptic
    The world has gone into chaos. All governments have fallen and it's become an every-man-for-himself world. Resources begin to run low and people learn to barter for what they need, money becoming absolutely useless. A rumor begins spreading about a strange group of 3 who are spreading supplies and word of a 'safehaven'. Most people believe they are good, but they're being hunted by some who believe they are spreading lies. You're a loner, but one day there's a knock at your door... An injured person pleads that you take them in before they pass out.. Will you help?

    Want more information on plots/ideas?
    PM me or respond here with what you are interested in!



    1. PLEASE do not randomly abandon the rp. I will be very upset. I will not do this to you, and I expect this not to be done to me.

    2. I will attempt to become friends with you through OOC chat. If this is not welcome, please let me know beforehand!
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  2. Bumping the page for you!
    Love the ideas, but I am unfortunately absolutely horrendous at playing males. I have been the death of many a-roleplay.
    I wish you luck in your search!​
  3. These ideas sound really cool, if your still looking for partners let me know!
  4. Hello! I've been wanting to practice writing as a male actually so if you don't mind and are still looking for a roleplay partner I'd be happy to do one of these! The newkid x bully one looks interesting... maybe it's because I've done a few roleplays like that before heheh

    But I think I am up for pretty much anything. XD Soooo PM me if you still need an RP partner :3
  5. Hello, there! I would love to try the new hunter and prey RP if you're still looking for partners! Werewolves or anything nonhuman have always been super fun to RP for me ^^ Lots of the other plots look fun too, so I could do one of those also/instead.

    Thanks for your time!
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  6. Pm me and we can talk! ^~^ All the excitement!
  7. Sent! Thank you! ^^
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  8. Would like to do the Hunter X prey it will seem very interesting
  9. Cooooool!~

    Just PM me and we can talk :)
  10. Heya, doll! I'm pretty interested in your second idea and New Kid x Bully pairing.Unless you favor one of the two, I would be more than willing to try them both out.
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  11. Cool~
    We can do both ^~^ could you pm me?
  12. Sent~
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