Come one, Come all, To our Nightmare (Todo, and 0cool99)

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    Nightmare was a place of horror and wonders, of pain and suffering but also of release. It’s freedom for those normal attitudes and roles. Anyone can be anyone if only for an hour when they visit the circus Nightmare when it comes to town. Even little kids enjoy when the circus came to town but Nightmare isn’t just any normal circus. Yes it contains acrobatics and illusions but what the people in the towns that the circus visits don’t know is that this dark circus is real. The creatures they see are no illusion and the magic that they learn is real. They ooh and ahh over the theatrics of the circus, little kids go home dreaming of being part of the circus but what needs to be revealed is how it is for those that are a part of the circus.
    Not everything behind the scenes was fine and dandy. If at anything the circus Nightmare is a true hell on earth for them. Forced into contracts to the ring leader, no freedoms, no true life, no love and no passion as the years wear on by.

    The acrobat, Satine has always been in tune with her body and nature. Which is what made her perfect for all the gymnastic parts of the circus and helping to tame and train the animals. Sarine was tricked into joining the circus. She signed her life away to the ring leader thinking that she was signing for a dancing contract.

    The illusionists, Mel choose to join the circus. Oddly enough she thought that she could have a better life, traveling and doing the things that made her happy. From a young age Mel showed potential in magic. Her father taught her all that he knew and when she wanted to leave and explore the world he gave her his blessing. But little did she know that what she was getting herself into would break her.

    The joker, Dusty had no other choice but to join. If he had not his family would have been killed and he would not let that happen to his little brother’s and sister’s. If they could have a great life without him or because of him then he would do anything in his power for his family, he would do it.

    However they found themselves trapped and chained to the circus. They can’t run and they can’t hide. They are forever bound to the ring leader until his demise which might be a long time seeing as how he’s half immortal. But through all this they have still created friendships and families with each other.
  2. Caleb slowly walked down the path towards the new circus in town. He had heard about it from listening to others in town and wanted to go see what all the fuss was about. He was still weary of going anywhere new because he had a very closely guarded secret. Caleb new he must keep it a secret at all costs. His medium length, auburn hair falling about his face as the breeze gently blew. He paused a moment as the circus entrance came into view, something about this place stood the hairs at the back of his neck on end. Yet at the same time his curiosity began to peak and it urged him onward. Continuing on past the entrance, he looked around himself, trying to get a better idea of what type of place this was.
  3. Timmy is a lost kid that heard there was a circus was in town, with no were to go he thought maybe he can get a job at the circus as a clown always wanting to be the main attratraction in front of people. He is a average guy with his hair short just the way he likes it. So he is walking down this strange and dark path thinking to himself it must always look like this around this side of town, not really caring he sees the circus tent insight and starts walking a little fast thinking that i hope the show hasn't started so maybe the ring leader will give him a shot in tonight show.
  4. Just like all other towns the crew set up for the show, they pitched the tents and posted flyers. Now the only thing left to do was get the animals ready and practice routines. Satine was one of the first up and about, she was checked each of the animals to make sure they were doing alright. She then let a few of the tamer creatures out to stretch their legs though she kept an eye on them. Dusty was running around making jokes here and there and just generally making a fool of himself. It was the only thing he knew to help himself cope with this life he had. "What cha doin Satine?" Dusty called a few feet away from Satine and she rolled her eyes. Of course he had to come and bug her first. "Same old thing Dusty" she told him once again and he walked up to her...well more like bounced up to her. Mel wasn't too far behind him, they were the only three that really talked to each other or any newbies that they had. As hectic as their schedules were they still manage to form bonds with a few others.

    "Everyone ready for tonight? I hear that after tonight's show we are already going to pack up and head to the next town" Mel commented as she found a barrel of hay to sit on. She was drawing little pictures in front of her, just using her fingers and the pictures almost came to life but soon disappeared into a purplish smoke. "I heard the same thing too. We've only been in this town for two nights. I wonder what the ring leader is up to" Satine replied as one of the tiger cubs walked up to her.

    "ATTENTION CREW!" A loud ring came over all the conversation and everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to face the back part of the tent. The ring leader called to them and everyone gathered. He gave a little speech that probably was suppose to encourage them but left all of them with a sense of dread. "Don't mess up" was the ring leaders last words before he disappeared back into the tent. That announcement signaled that the show was about to start and to get their butts in gear.
  5. Caleb perked his ears up as he hears somewhere nearby speaking very loudly. He pauses to looking around for a moment, shakes his head and continues walking. He gets up to the ticket booth and pays for it and continues farther in. He looks around and sees a petting zoo of sorts. He sighs knowing that this would be a very bad idea. He begins to head over to it very weary of what reaction the animals would have to him. As he walks up to the petting zoo, he looks around at the people taking in his surroundings. As he gets closer though a look of fascination dominates his features. Caleb continues to walk closer until he is standing a few feet away from the fence of the area.
  6. Timmy heared a loud voice over a speaker and thinks to himself that must be the ring leader. So he starts running he finially gets to the tent and sees that theres a ticket both and asked the both attendant if the ring leader is around. He dosent say anything. So Timmy just buys a ticket and starts to walk inside the tent and sees a man standing by a petting zoo thinking that he must just be here for the show so Timmy just keeps looking around at everything trying to find the ring leader. Timmy is walking around and sees all the different things going on in the circus, the rides, food, games. Timmy was thinking this is the place to be and thinks to himself that its not like what he knows the circus to be like it was dark and twisted looking around at people there not uppity like what he is use to. Timmy turns and sees the ring leader walking around shaking peoples hands, so he dosent think much of whats going on around him so he starts walking towards the ring leader.
  7. "Dusty why don't you go bother someone else" Satine hissed slightly but the guy just stuck around a started to laugh, he was standing there playing with a hacky sack telling Satine to watch this move or something. She just rolled her eyes and continued to play with a few of the baby creatures they had in the circus. Mel was sitting atop her throne of hay laughing at Dusty and not helping Satine's case at all. "Do you two always goofy of?" She questioned but was sure that she already knew the answer to the question. "Hey when your work is done you find ways to entertain yourself and right now Dusty is doing his job. He's entertaining me" Mel countered and the next thing she knew Dusty bounced closer to her making one of the tiger cubs hiss "See" he said and then bounced away from her "Are you always so up tight Satine?" Mel called down to the other girl and then jumped down to the ground as Dusty hit the hacky sack to her. Great now both of them are playing with that stupid thing Satine thought to herself as she tried to ignore the two of them as much as she could.
  8. Caleb stares at the animals cautiously, yet slowly growing bolder due to his curiosity and fascination. He takes a few more tenative steps closer to the pens and leans against the fence of the small zoo. A small breeze picks up as he is leaning into the fence and a few of the animals begin to back away from the front of the zoo. Some of the animal, mainly one or two of the older wolves, turn into the wind with their noses in the air a sense of confusion and curiosity coming over them. There is only one of the animal, what seems to be the eldest of the wolves stands with hackles raised and lip quivering, a hint of it's fangs bared. "Oh no." Caleb looks around suddenly edgy. His mood changing from one of curiosity and wonder that that of fear. Taking a few steps back and half turning away he stops upon hearing someone calling to him. "Hey, young man. Don't worry. We haven't had any of the customers attacked yet. No need to be afraid of them."Caleb looks back and sees who is talking to him. It was the petting zoo attendant. The man moves through the different pens to the lone wolf, which seemed to be staring right at him. "I'm OK I just wanted to go see what else there is here. Thats all. Thanks anyway sir." He smiles at the attendant for a moment and waves as he quickly moves away from the area."
  9. While Timmy starts to b-line to the ring leader he start to have a vision about his past and when he was a child. There is a man standing in front of him telling him that he has to go away for awhile and Timmy really dosent understand what the man is trying to say. His mother was there behind him and he turned to her and she told him that every thing was going to be alright as he watched this man drive a way in a blue pick-up truck. While back to reality Timmy didn't pay much attention to the flashback and walked right up to the ring leader. "Good afternoon sir my name is Tim" he said are you the ring leader he questioned. The ring leader looked right at Timmy and said with a grin. Of course my son I am did u come for the show the ring leader requested. Will thats what i wanted to talk to you about sir Timmy said. I wanted to know if you needed anyone in to nights show. The ring leader looked at Timmy and said while why don't you come see the show tonight and tell me if were intersted because the way I do things is alot different the what you are expected to see. Timmy nodded his head and said I would like to see how things are run. So Timmy shook the ring leaders hand and said it was nice to meet you sir, and the ring leader shook Tim's hand with the creepest smile you could every imagine. So Timmy walked away and just looked around at all of the things going on and waited for the show to start