Come inside, you who despair!

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  1. ...or those who are curious, that works too!

    I'm Maiden Jude, but just call me Jude and we'll go along well in theory. I've been roleplaying mostly males for over a decade but really a few years worth or uninterrupted writing, and I'm really anxious with others in real life, so being behind a computer screen makes me bloom! I'm female, and in my early twenties, and just recently started going out of the house again, so my life experiences don't make much of slice of life roleplays, sadly. Talking about genres, I like Scifi, Fantasy, Modern and Horror above all, and love to mix and match other genres to these four pillars. I'm a sucker for both the cute and the disturbing, so my moods can switch quite a bit in regard to what I want to write!

    That's your average crash course about me, so have a nice evening/night/day!
  2. Hallo there Jude, welcome to the siiiiite!
  3. Thank you, your Owliness!
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