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  1. BASED ON : Wolf Children, Ame and Yuki
    But don't worry! You don't need knowledge to know how this will work! Keep reading!
    I N T R O
    Hello. So I just finished watching a movie called 'Wolf Children' -which is pretty good, also adding on to how this idea thing came to be-. Hopefully people are interested, which I honestly doubt. But the story/idea is below, warning they're spoilers -obviously-.
    And here I am sitting with my iPad nervously while actually thinking this will flunk.

    B R I E F S U M M A R Y
    Basically the movie begins with a female college student, named Hana who sees something strange in a particular male student who is apparently in her class. She later has a brief meeting with him and eventually they began to hang out when she offers him study time with her, as he isn't an actual college student. Eventually, after a while of the two hanging out together personally they fall in love with each other, however the male appears slightly reluctant. He soon reveals to the girl that he is in fact a werewolf, and in Japan wolves are considered extinct. He's pretty much the only one of his kind it seems, and later that night they -as howie from the Big Bang theory says it- "did the dancing at night'.

    Hana has a daughter, and a year later she has a son with the wolfman. However they didn't necessarily go to a hospital, taking caution that if they did the doctors would probably see pups rather than kids. One night the mother waits for her loved one at home. Him not appearing worries her, and she goes out to find him. In the movie, he dies hunting for the kids and pretty much it moves on to her story of raising the kids alone as a single and widowed parent.

    Basically, what I wish to do in this one x one is to roleplay more about the couple. In this case The Girl (me) and The Wolfman (you, whoever). We can either reenact the beginning that was explained, or skip to it, but in my opinion it may be easier to slightly reenact before playing by ear. Yep, this will be one of those Romance things going on about a couple and whatnot--But hey, I rarely do straight couple 1x1s, so to me this is pretty damn special. And as things become right or maybe even boring, we can perhaps time skip to when the female role gets pregnant and whatnot. Pretty simple.

    Some things to know is that I'm a pretty adaptable roleplayer, and very passive so don't get frustrated about me not putting in my two cents, or any. In this case, whatever you write and how ever much you write, I will try and post something up of equal length or value. A paragraph minimum is fine, but don't make it constant please! This will become a major issue, as it will lead me to lack the proper motivation of the roleplay and get bored with it eventually, before trashing the idea. So tell me if you have writers block and I'll do my best to help. I'm open to any ideas, so don't be intimidated either.

    Posting wise, you have to understand that I'm pretty busy weekdays. School, tired and laziness, work, procrastination, social life. Yep. But expect me to usually be most active Friday, Saturday, and Sundays. However I do try to post once every mon-Thursdays but Friday to Sundays I normally post a bit more.

    Also, I'm in EST time.

    For this roleplay I'm currently looking for someone to fill in the male role. No limits.... Probably, not sure yet. We can do this in a thread, or in PM if that is what you wish. I want a slightly responsible partner, as in someone to tell me if they're going to be busy for a few days or weeks, and be patient with my posting, etc. the code is when you PM me, send me a corny pickup line.... They make me laugh. Oh! And since you'll be my partner, I wish to be 'friends', meaning let's talk outside of roleplaying (OOC). I should know about my partner after all for the time being, At least until the roleplay dies

    2. I might ask for a post sample. Be honest in the sample. Don't just write eleven paragraphs then when we roleplay you're posting three sentences of bullshit in every post regardless. A minimum post is one paragraph.
    3. Don't be a dick if I have the right to reject you.
    4. I'm not a grammar nazi.... But I guess grammar and punctuation to the best of your ability has to be at least good.
    5. I tend to mirror post, and like said my posts = your posts. How much work you put to yours, mine will be of equal length and/or value.
    6. What's the code?

    Sorry I didn't quite explain anything clearly if I did, but I'm happy to answer additional questions!
    PM me if interested or comments/concerns/questions.
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