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  1. Hello dears, I am Timber. I am new to this site, though I am not so new to role playing. If any of you are interested in starting up a sexy little scene, be sure to let me know. I can role play both male and female, though for certain plots I do have a preference.

    A few guidelines
    1. I'm not asking for anyone to drop their social life or be loyal to me alone, but, a response at least once a day is nice, and if your going to be away for a little while, a heads up.
    2. I get that our muse grows and fades, but, write something that I can go off of. One sentence can't do much for me. That being said, I do understand that sometimes, the point gets across a lot better in 3 sentence than per say 6 sentences sometimes. Use your best judgment on that one.
    3. We all make mistakes, I know. But, spelling and grammar are pretty basic, and I believe there are some awesome tools out there to help with it. I understand some words are very difficult, but just try your best and I'll try mine.

    So let's get to my plot ideas, eh?

    1. Falling Stars
    Lady x Gent'
    Two teenagers find themselves caught up in the ties of addiction to drugs, alcohol, and sex. Sleeping around with multiple partners, stealing money from parents and friends, losing everything they hold dear to one and other. But, at the end of the day, they find themselves running back to each other, the only person in the world they feel like they can trust with everything.
    {I would like to play the girl in this one}

    2. Excuse me, Professor?
    Lady x Gent
    A struggling teen and a recently divorced teacher. A question leads to some extra help in the classroom, and lust leads to forbidden help in the bedroom.
    {I would prefer to play the teacher in this one}

    3. I'm Sorry Officer
    Lady x Gent
    A girl coming home from a rave is surprised when she is picked up by an officer, and ever more surprised when he doesn't take her to the police station, but rather his bedroom. And there he lets the torture begin. WARNING:: I'm looking for a lot of BDSM in this particular role play, but it can either be dub-con or non-con whichever you prefer.
    {I'd prefer to play the rave girl}

    4. I'm just... Fine
    Lady x Gent
    Depression is dark, lonely, and heavy. Even more so when it is everyday. Especially, since she hides it so well. She is laughter and joy and a mystery of wonder. But, her eyes show how dead she feels inside. It is these eyes that he notices the first time he sees her, and he wonders what or who broke her in such a way that her eyes don't shine the way they are supposed to. So, he makes it a mission to be near to her, to figure her out. He asks her out for coffee, and falls in love with everything she does.
    {I prefer to play the girl}
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  2. Hello, my name is Jo. I have been inactive for a while, and now I am back and trying to get some RP's going. I try to respond once a day, and if not, at least every other day or on the weekends. I like more plot than sex, but I do enjoy the sexy times. I would like to RP 'Excuse me, Professor?' if you are interested in RPing with me. Drop me a note or let me know here. I am looking forward to hearing from you!
  3. I sent you a PM if you were still interested in professor RP
  4. Oh! I'll go look for it, must have forgotten to reply to it!
  5. LOL it's cool.