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  1. So here we go. I want someone to do a 1x1. I have a few ideas. So a few things to know: 1. I have three main settings I enjoy; Modern Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic, and well Slice of Life. Now for a few rules.

    Rules and disclaimers
    1. All original characters.
    2. All my settings are similar to works of fiction and movies, but the plot evolves as we play.
    3. There is drug use intended. Usually not anything but pot but some of my characters are bad on harder drugs.
    4. Romance happens if characters have chemistry.
    5. Sex maybe, yea its fade to black though.
    6. Have fun making a character. I don't a character skelly so yea.
    7. All of my pairs are (me)x(You)
    8. I always play male, unless you want to work with someone who needs tons of practice being female.
    9. Speaking of genders I am not gender bias
    Modern Fantasy
    Demon x Human
    Orc x Human
    Human x Demon
    Angel x Demon (this one will be a few fight scenes)
    Vampire x Werewolf (or vice versa)
    Wizard x Witch

    Post Apocalyptic
    Scavenger x Survivor (can be zombie, after nuclear fallout, or anarchy)
    Anarchist x Peacemaker
    Survivor x Survivor

    Slice of Life
    Cafe Owner x Patron
    Student x Student (College)
    Bartender x Party goer
    Writer x Artist
    Gamer x Sports fan
    Survivalist x Tech Guru

    Now these are the two I didn't mention
    Pokemon Breeder x Pokemon Trainer
    Hero/Villain x Hero/Villain

    ~Lame I know but hey who knows~
  2. Hey you sound like you have similar interests to me. Honestly, I like everything you have up there but I think my favourite would have to be. . .

    Demon x Human
    Vampire x Werewolf
    Survivor x Survivor.

    Send me a PM if you want to talk plot or anything *waves happily*
  3. Heyo I like your ideas and I think we should do something together. I'm especially interested in these ones:
    Survivor x Survivor
    Writer x Artist
    Gamer x Sports fan
    You should send me a pm :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.